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28 Mar - 2023

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Piwooz is the first brand of entertainment for children on personal development.

Giovanni Gasparetto created Piwooz, the first brand of entertainment for children on personal development. This Mini Coach aims to prepare young ones for life’s obstacles by knowing themselves better bringing positivity into their lives and knowledge about their emotional well-being.

This new Mini Coach with the motto No matter what, life is magic, has just released his first books, which parents and teachers can get on the official website.

In particular, the workbook 42 activités pour travailler les émotions (42 activities for working on emotions) was recently published, a practical and fun tool to help children understand and manage their emotions. It includes many interactive exercises and colourful illustrations to make learning fun.

Piwooz-Emotion-allcahierThe workbook, inspired by the Montessori method, is suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years and is an excellent complement to teaching emotional management in the classroom. It can also be used at home to reinforce your child’s emotional skills. The volume is strong and high quality, designed to withstand daily wear and tear. It is also easy to use with a clear and organised layout.

A music video and an animated series, where emotions would be heroes, is also in preparation.

Thanks to this positive character, topics such as friendship, spirituality, meditation, sharing, courage will be treated in fun and educational ways in collaboration with childhood and family professionals.

Curated by Andrea De Amicis

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