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Founded in 2015, BM knows how to talk about brands and products. With a consolidated team of senior professionals, BM knows how to spread the values ​​companies represent.

BM knows the needs of those who work in the fields of branding, licensing and entertainment, at a b2b and b2c level, in Italy and abroad. We are the only company in Italy, and among the very few in the world, which can offer a complete range of services to those involved in branding, licensing and entertainment.

Among the integrated communication services available, BM is the publisher of Licensing Magazine, a leading trade press tool globally, which allows companies to promote their brands and products with the maximum exposure, using the magazine in digital / paper formats, in addition to rich social media profiles and a newsletter sent weekly to thousands of subscribers.

Among our other networking activities, we are suppliers of leading b2b trade events, which aim to encourage the matching between the demand and the offer in the licensing and entertainment business, such as the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair.

Finally, as collateral business, we support companies in building their b2b and b2c communication strategy, at a local and international level, helping them to define their brand and products image within an increasingly sophisticated and competitive market.

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Licensing Magazine is not only a print and digital magazine, but also a daily online update on what happens in the world of licensing, media, digital and everything about brands. English-speaking news and fixed sections dedicated to licensees, retail, events and much more!

With about 30,000 net monthly visits, it has become the industry’s reference point!

Each news is in turn included in our weekly LM E-NEWS newsletters and connected to BM’s rich social network, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin with over 8000 followers overall so far!

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