Licensing Magazine is one of the only international and authorative trade publications on licensing and entertainment business globally.

Licensing Magazine is one of the only magazine that:

  • Is partner with the main B2B licensing and entertainment trade events in Europe, Asia and the USA as Licensing Media Partner;
  • Exhibits with its own booth at the main B2B events worldwide, from the Toy Fair in Nuremberg to the Children’s Book Fair and Licensing Fair in Bologna, to the Brand Licensing Europe and more
  • Focuses on themes and trends that help professionals to see the business “out of the box”
  • Combines licensing, digital, media, publishing and product category developments in a single medium, giving space to the entire industry chain and beyond;
  • Integrates print and digital media, with an all-news website, a rich social media network and weekly newsletters, in order to provide constant updates, in real time and with the greatest exposure ever.


Here there are some distribution details for each issue:

  • Around 10.000 copies of Paper Magazine are distributed at the main International trade shows attended (2019 data)
  • Around 5000 paper copies are distributed by subscription (+150% compared to 2019)
  • An average of 50.000 readers (30.000 from the web, 7.000 from social media and 13.000 from newsletters) read constantly the digital magazine. The avarage time of reading is 8 minutes per reader (+60% compared to 2019!)
  • 000 total clicks from the Latest Social Media Campaign to promote Licensing Magazine May 2020 Issue!
  • Permanent presence on its own all-news website (www.licensingmagazine.com), weekly newsletters and constant promotion on BM social networks, to reach the max exposure and new readers.
  • LM reaches over 110 territories. The top territories which follow LM are: UK, USA, ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, CHINA, RUSSIA, INDIA, JAPAN and BRASIL
  • Every year LM attends over 30 international leading trade shows, as Media Partner, and with a dedicated and wide magazine online and paper distribution!

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Licensing Magazine is published by BM

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