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26 Mar - 2024

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Toncar presents a world exclusive PURE.TECH© technology: a primer suitable for paper surfaces with off-set printing that has the property of neutralizing the main atmospheric pollutants such as CO2, NOX and VOCS, purifying the air we breathe.

Toncar, Reshaping the future together

Toncar is a leading company in the promotional sector, and in the vast world of paper and packaging.

With offices north of Milan and in Shanghai, Toncar employs a team of professionals capable not only of finding any product available on the market, but also of developing new ones, taking into account the specifications of the sector, and driven by the constant search for innovative ideas and technologies.

Toncar’s mission is to provide high-quality personalised consultancy and to become one of the first points of reference in the sector, building long-term, trusting relationships with its customers. It offers a wide range of products, including stickers, cards, 3D collectables, mini toys, gadgets, 3D printing and packaging/luxury packaging, produced in-house or by selected suppliers.

Thanks to its dual role as manufacturer and trader, the company ensures perfect control of product quality, while offering commercial flexibility to adapt to market changes and customer needs.

Toncar meets PURE.TECH: it’s not magic, it’s pure reality

Toncar is proud to announce its exclusive worldwide collaboration with PURE.TECH© by Noumena, an innovative product based on cutting-edge technology that will revolutionise the printing and converting industry. This solution has a multi-stage action: through a catalytic process, it converts CO2 into inert carbonates that operate continuously 24 hours a day, without the need for UV light; simultaneously, photocatalysis transforms the main greenhouse gases into carbonates, nitrates and nitrites, guaranteeing the safety of the environment. Once this transformation is complete, the new minerals are released into the atmosphere, helping to purify the air. 

PURE.TECH©: Limitless Adaptability for Sustainable Industrial Production

A key added value of Pure.Tech© is its extraordinary capacity to integrate into existing industrial production chains without the need to add new equipment. This aspect plays a crucial role in preserving the product’s distinctive and superior quality characteristics. This approach, which focuses on optimising existing resources, not only avoids additional costs and complexity in plant management, but also allows established production guidelines and processes to remain intact.

The synergy, between Pure.Tech©’s innovative technology and the pre-existing industrial infrastructure, creates an environment conducive to large-scale production, without the constraints of technical or logistical limitations. This translates into a large and versatile production capacity, capable of meeting the market’s growing needs in terms of volumes and delivery times.

Furthermore, the ability to integrate Pure.Tech© into existing production lines underlines its key role in facilitating the transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the industrial sector.

The integration of Pure.Tech© represents a significant step towards more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective industrial production while promoting the competitiveness of companies in the global marketplace.

Stickers & Cards, Cover Magazines and Board Games: small pieces of the future in the hands of children

At a time when we need to think more and more about the future of children, it is essential to consider the role of stickers and trading cards, magazines and board games. These are not just objects of entertainment, but an important emotional link between the little ones and the world around them.

With Pure.Tech© technology, every single piece of ‘coloured paper’ takes on a new dimension: it becomes not only an object of play, but also a true symbol of commitment to environmental sustainability.

The beating heart of this technology does not just improve air quality, but also provides sustainable and long-lasting solutions. This is why it is so important to think of children when designing and producing products for them.

These ‘simple pieces of printed paper’ not only bring joy to the little ones, but also a message of love and care for the Planet that they will share with future generations. Every Choice Matters, every Breath Counts.

Embracing Tomorrow: the Eco-Revolution in Packaging Technology

At a time when environmental awareness is a critical priority, packaging has an important role to play.

With Pure.Tech© technology, product packaging becomes a meaningful gesture for the Planet that protects and elevates its contents while offering a positive ecological footprint.

From being a ‘pure container’, it too becomes a valuable ally for sustainability: enriched by this innovative technology, it not only preserves the product, but continues to operate until it is completely disposed of, helping to improve air quality and offering sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Pure.Tech©: Measuring Absorption Efficiency in comparison with Indoor Plants

The assessment of Pure.Tech© absorption capacity is based on the absorption activity carried out by trees.

The data for each application are derived from third-party analyses (EPA calculator, from the United States Environmental Protection Agency).

In order to make the absorption assessment of Pure.Tech©’s more comprehensible, Toncar undertook a comparison with common plants that are routinely found in everyone’s home.

In this study, the effectiveness of Anthurium in reducing CO2 in an indoor environment was evaluated by comparing it with 6×9 cm stickers and cards.

This study shows how a single Anthurium plant absorbs 111 ppm per year in an indoor environment, quantifying the plant’s ability to reduce the concentration of a substance, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), in the surrounding air over the course of a year. This means that the plant is capable of reducing the concentration of CO2 by 111 parts per million (ppm) in one year. For example, if at the beginning of the year the CO2 concentration in the environment is 400 ppm and then the Anthurium plant is introduced, by the end of the year the CO2 concentration will have decreased by 111 ppm to 289 ppm. This suggests that the Anthurium plant has a significant capacity to absorb CO2 from the air during the course of a year, thus contributing to improved indoor air quality.

In comparison to stickers and cards, the production of 1 million pieces with Pure.Tech© technology is equivalent to the reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by 27,500 Anthurium plants in one year. In other words, Pure.Tech© technology has a CO2 reduction impact equivalent to 2,790,000 ppm in one year.

Toncar will be present at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair/Kids (Hall 29 Mall 2, Licensing Business Lounge), from 8 to 11 April 2024.

For more information: www.toncar.net, see Toncar’s YouTube channel, or write to commerciale@toncar.net

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