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5 Jun - 2023

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Santoro has announced the new signing of NERD Agency as licensing agent for Gorjuss in Ukraine.

With over 10 years of sustained growth as an evergreen licensed brand, Santoro’s Gorjuss continues to connect with consumers on a profound, emotional level, invoking feelings of childhood nostalgia and comfort in its viewers today. Indeed it is these qualities that have led NERD Agency‘s CEO Tetiana Ruban to stress both the importance and public desire for properties such as Gorjuss in current times – brands which carry a heartfelt message and translate emotions, kindness and comfort without words.

NERD Agency is a licensing agent from Ukraine, part of FILM.UA Group (one of the biggest media groups in Eastern Europe). Besides Gorjuss, the agency represents Mavka.The Forest Song, Robocar Poli, Brave Bunnies and other IPs. Despite the serious and challenging situation in Ukraine, NERD Agency’s talented team have continued to work industriously and inspirationally, making their mark on the licensing industry. Last year, NERD’s CEO Tetiana Ruban became Licensing International’s Rising Star and was a keynote speaker at Bologna Licensing Fair’s conference this Spring.

In Ukraine, NERD continues to highlight the licensing industry within national and international media and participate in business events, all the while expanding the licensing programmes of the brands it represents – signing over a dozen new licensing deals within Quarter 1 of 2023 in Ukraine.

Gorjuss attracts upon first sight. Its visual identity is uniquely able to translate the kindest emotions without words. To me, Gorjuss is about joy, happy moments, dreams and kindness. The brand really fits the Ukrainian market because this is what people want to feel right now. We are delighted to represent such a heartfelt brand and it’s our pleasure to start our partnership with the Santoro team”, says Ph.D Tetiana Ruban, CEO of NERD Agency (FILM.UA Group).

NERD Agency’s extensive knowledge of the local market, strong industry relationships and proven track record in licensing and marketing make them the ideal partner to introduce Gorjuss to Ukrainian consumers. Tetiana Ruban is set to begin targeting licensees in the categories of apparel, home & textiles, health & beauty, confectionery, publishing & loyalty campaigns for Gorjuss.

We are thrilled to be working with Tetiana and her team. Tetiana’s expertise, drive and passion for connecting brands with licensees and consumers aligns perfectly with our vision for Gorjuss. We look forward to a successful collaboration that will allow Gorjuss to captivate the hearts of Eastern European audiences”, says Jo Campbell, General Manager of Santoro.

The partnership between Santoro and NERD Agency opens up a raft of new possibilities for Gorjuss, allowing Ukrainian audiences to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Gorjuss through a wide range of licensed products and captivating experiences.

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