26 Jul - 2023

From July 23rd to September 3rd, the Cow Parade Mexico herd will take over the longest and most important avenue in Mexico City – Paseo de la Reforma!  Several art pieces developed by young artists will be part of this worldwide known exposition.

Paulina Pérez, Global Commercial & Licensing Director of The emoji Company and the EMOOOJI Cow

The artist Sebastián Chávez in collaboration with emoji – The Iconic Brand, has designed a masterpiece with thousands of yellow faces including one of the most representative and funniest icons of the emoji brand – The Poo!

The fiberglass creation “EMOOJI” represents the new way of digital communication of the last decade: emojis.

Cow Parade is the world´s largest public art event. Since 1998, Cow Parade has taken place in over 80 cities and continues to evolve, not only in size, but also in creativity and art quality. While the cow sculptures remain the same, each city’s artists are challenged by the art of past events, inspired by the cultural influences of their respective cities, and moved by their own interpretation of the cow as an art object. Capturing the hearts of millions around the world, the Cow Parade travels to exciting new cities around the globe. Along the way, it promotes art education through its programs and raises money for charity through its unique cow auctions.

We are honored to be part of this important event where art, creativity and charity meet in such a beloved country like Mexico, it is amazing to be part of an exhibition available for all targets who can enjoy and see the beautiful pieces designed by such talented artists, we are proud that one of the artists has chosen the emoji brand and its original icons”, added Marco Huesges, CEO and founder of The emoji Company.

We are thrilled to participate in such an important event. The Cow Parade has turned into a tradition, which brings fun and humor, while promoting art and a feeling of hope and renewal, the emoji brand design by the artist Sebastián Chávez is a great development that shows thousands of icons and expressions beloved by the people”, said Paulina Pérez, Global Commercial & Licensing Director of The emoji Company.

For me, as the director of Locos por el Arte, it is a great opportunity to work with one of the biggest brands in the world. We are in awe of the creativity they bring each season. It has become a challenge for our artists to live up to their performance. Right now, with The Cow Parade, we are trying to give people a little taste of what we can do together”, said Mario Sotomayor, Cow Parade Mexico and Locos por el Arte Director.

The use of the emoji brand icons to construct the cow in the sculpture has several creative intentions. Emojis are universal symbols used to express emotions and messages digitally. By incorporating them into a physical sculpture, a connection is created between the virtual and tangible worlds. This blending of the two realms prompts viewers to consider the impact of technology on emotions and relationships. The use of the emoji brand icons also makes the artwork relatable and inclusive to a diverse audience. It bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary art forms and sparks conversations about communication and the power of art to connect people”, said Sebastián Chávez architect and artist.

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