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23 Jan - 2023

Tags from the story: Character Options, MINTiD Dog-E, WowWee.

WowWee has announced a strategic partnership with Character Options to bring their new robot dog, MINTiD Dog-E, to the United Kingdom.

Dog-E was launched at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas by WowWee with great anticipation from the tech trade, resulting in coverage generating over 4 billion potential impressions worldwide.

We are thrilled to be working with WowWee on this innovative new toy and cannot wait to showcase MINTiD Dog-E to our retail partners at London Toy Fair!“, said Jon Diver, Character Options’ Director.

WowWee and Character Options have a longstanding relationship that dates back to the original launch of Robosapien in 2004“, added Michael Yanofsky, VP of Sales at WowWee. “We are delighted to be working together again on a next-gen robot for kids of all ages“.

Dog-E is a groundbreaking robot dog that is unique to every owner as a result of over 10 million possible combinations of colorful lights, sounds, and personality traits.

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