In this section you can go through our Archive beyond the numerous news we receive every day from all over the world and browse the Licensing Magazine archive, in digital format, from 2017 to today.

What you'll find

Each issue tells about what has been trending in recent years, from brands to the main international market analyzes and research.

Over the course of each year we have welcomed the main players in the Italian and foreign market.

Moreover, in every issue we have also enriched our contents and articles, in order to constantly give an international touch to the issues addressed.

Touched sectors

Starting from entertainment to get to fashion, from sports to corporate brands, from market trends to the main events in the sector, we have thus increased our notoriety and our incredible history.

In each magazine, for instance, which can be read from 2017 to today, there is also evidence of what was the trend at that precise moment but also the evolution that the individual brands have had over time, sharing with us a part of their long path.

Our History

Born in 2012, after an initial "experimental" period in search of the right tone and approach to the market, Licensing Magazine has also taken on the configuration known today by the world industry and launched on the market in 2017, with highly successful columns that have enriched over the course of time.

This path has made Licensing Magazine firstly a magazine of great importance in the licensing sector, secondly an undisputed reference point for the international market, followed and read all over the world by tens of thousands of professionals.

Today Licensing Magazine is partner of over 30 global business events, from licensing to publishing, from fashion to entertainment, and boasts a widespread presence in Europe, Asia and America.

Finally, Licensing Magazine is the only licensing magazine that embraces a wide market chain, dealing, in addition to licensing itself, also with issues such as publishing, digital and media, entertainment and retail.

In conclusion, all this makes Licensing Magazine a unique means of communication for the industry.

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