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10 Jul - 2024

Off the heels of a successful Netflix debut for Ultraman: Rising, Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment and Sky Turtle Nova has announced Ultraman: Ultra Academy, the first American book series based on the Ultraman franchise.

Set to hit retail wherever books are sold beginning Spring 2025, fans can get an early preview of the series at G-Fest in Chicago during the “Ultraman in America” panel on Friday, July 12 at 10a CT.

There are even more exciting Ultraman stories on the horizon, with the announcement of Ultraman: Ultra Academy, a six-book series of middle-grade novels Sky Turtle Nova featuring a team of six young students learning the lessons of courage, hope, kindness, and creativity demonstrated within the Ultraman universe.

As the first American book series based on the Ultraman franchise, the novels follow the students as they study giant Kaiju and try to help the Special Science Search Party (SSSP) and Ultraman find weaknesses in the beasts. The young team will draw inspiration from the earthly problems that are giving rise to the monsters and from Ultraman himself as he attempts to restore balance to the world.

The Ultraman universe first debuted in 1966 in the television series Ultra Q, and over the last 58+ years, the Ultraman franchise has spawned a record number of television series, films, video games, and more.  The presence of Ultraman at G-Fest 2024 comes at a time of major growth and increased brand awareness of the Ultraman franchise, sparked by the recent hit-maker Ultraman: Rising, which landed on Netflix in June and has become a fan-favorite and critical darling.

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