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8 Jul - 2024

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Industry veteran, Rob Doherty has launched a Social Gaming focussed consultancy, RELEVANT CONTENT, that taps into his 30 years of experience in children’s media and more recent work with Roblox developers.

The aim of the consultancy is to bridge the knowledge and experience gap between the two industries, to create more audience relevant content, delivered to platforms where young audiences are now consuming most of their entertainment.

With access to experts, established connections and support on both sides, RELEVANT CONTENT is perfectly positioned to accelerate these conversations and start building crossover brands for children.

Rob Doherty

Working with, and supported by, the dev community as well as traditional content creators, RELEVANT CONTENT aims to help inform, strategise and connect IP in the social gaming space whilst also looking to assist developers looking to navigate other forms of content for their gaming IP.

Rob Doherty says: “The children’s media industry is currently in a state of accelerated evolution in a large part because the audience now inhabits a fully digital world and consumes content in a very different way to the model the industry has been successfully working to for a long time.

Having spent the last few years working with a very successful Roblox dev team and meeting more creative minds in the social gaming universe, it’s clear that Roblox, and other social gaming platforms, point the way to how this and future audiences consume content and interact with brands. If we can better understand that, then we all succeed, and I believe RELEVANT CONTENT can expedite that process.

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