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19 Jun - 2024

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TRACES wine has announced a new wine collection in collaboration with global weight management brand, WW in the UK and Ireland. The partnership was brokered by Beanstalk, WW’s licensing agency for the UK.

The collaboration sees the companies join forces to provide WW members and the wider public with a range of wines that align with the commitment to offering consumers alternatives that contribute to a more balanced lifestyle.

The partnership provides a curated selection of wines that cater to diverse tastes and consumer preferences, while supporting their journey towards improved wellbeing.

Each wine is naturally crafted in France, with no artificial ingredients included and 11% ABV with zero residual sugar. Meaning customers keep 90% of the alcohol, while enjoying a wine that is, on average, 30% lower in calories. The range includes three varieties: Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Cinsault, each contain 78kcals per 125ml serving – which equates to 3 Points® per serving, for WW® members.

With 78% of the UK looking to make more calorie conscious choices when it comes to alcohol, TRACES has been informed by consumer data3 to craft a range of wines that specifically meets the needs of the drinker.

Tom Bell, Founder and Managing Director of TRACES, comments: “To be the only WW endorsed wine for UK and Ireland is incredibly exciting and marks a huge milestone for DrinkWell. In a world where wine consumption is on a notable decline, TRACES Wine emerges as a beacon of innovation, catering to the tastes and lifestyles of the modern- day wine enthusiast. Breaking barriers and redefining the category, TRACES Wine is not just a brand; it’s a movement towards a new era of wine appreciation. Our commitment to this is now being recognised by one of the biggest global wellness companies. We look forward to watching this partnership unfold.

Brenda McNulty, Head of Product and Licensing at WW, adds: “With red and white wine being regularly tracked drinks in our award-winning app – we know many of our members love to enjoy a glass of wine. We anticipate that this new partnership will bring huge levels of excitement from our members, who we know are constantly looking for new ways to manage their weight health.

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