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17 Jun - 2024

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BÉIS is gearing up for Father’s Day with a targeted campaign celebrating the quintessential airport dad rather than poking fun.

This Father’s Day, BÉIS aims to lighten his load with functional and sleek travel bags and luggage and improve his internet reputation. To bring this creative idea to life, the trending lifestyle brand teamed up with social media PR guru, Robyn DelMonte, better known as GirlBossTown on TikTok.

DelMonte, who dubbed herself “the internet’s agent,” was onboarded onto the campaign and has debuted her first official GirlBossTown Stamp of Approval. The collaboration originated from her TikTok about a BÉIS airport dad, posted almost a year ago, which instantly caught the brand’s attention as they were planning this project.

She worked closely with BÉIS’ creative team through every step of the process, including the casting of NFL Player Isaac Rochell as one of the faces of the campaign. A new father who effortlessly embodies the stereotypical dad style with charm and humor, Rochell’s engaging authenticity further amplifies the campaign theme.

The concept came to me when I realized all the traits the ‘airport dads’ are criticized for in the viral internet trend are qualities people admire and seek in every other setting,” said Robyn DelMonte. “Being prepared and having a strategic plan in a stressful environment doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world, right? That’s when I decided that ‘The Airport Dad’ needed better PR, and my ‘Reintroducing the Airport Dad’ idea was born! Working with a brand I admire, like BÉIS, to execute my ideas on a large scale feels like the happy ending to my social media Cinderella story. It reassures me and my followers of the power of sharing your ideas online and hopefully pioneers a new way for brands to work with creators!

Get upgraded from airport dad to airport daddy with BÉIS’ core collection of timeless on-the-go styles. BÉIS caters to all lifestyles with dedicated sports, work, family, and travel categories. Revamp the airport dad look with the classic and versatile Commuter Duffle and Backpack featuring thoughtful pockets and compartments for seamless organization, durable to withstand life’s adventures. Join the airport dad club and travel with ease using the first class Roller Luggage and Dopp Kit and then go hands free with the top-selling Sports Pack. Available in classic neutral colorways like Navy, Olive, Black, and Gray, these top picks effortlessly merge style and utility to ensure you have a Father’s Day gifting itinerary covered from takeoff to touchdown.

The collaboration with DelMonte further exemplifies BÉIS’ commitment to listening to consumers and immersing itself in culture. By partnering directly with a longtime admirer who represents the consumer’s voice, the brand is storytelling through a new lens. BÉIS distinguishes itself from competitors by strategically living on social media to shape category trends inspired by consumer desires. Known for its creative marketing, clever messaging and engaging creative assets, BÉIS resonates with its audience and continues to attract new followers.

Check out Father’s Day gift ideas from BÉIS at www.beistravel.com.

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