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12 Jun - 2024

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Toikido is poised to redefine digital culture with the launch of its highly anticipated Bad Egg Co. digital collectible.

Rooted in the vibrant streets of New Yolk City’s Sunnyside borough, Bad Egg Co. is a rebellious brand that celebrates skateboarding culture and embraces a spirit of adventure and camaraderie. Inspired by the colorful characters and daring escapades of Sunnyside, Bad Egg Co. brings together a diverse cast of characters, each dropping in with their own unique personality and style.

Among the most coveted treasures in the Bad Egg Co. collection are the “One of Ones”12 unique digital collectibles with traits exclusive to each. With illustrated backgrounds setting them apart, these rare eggs are unmatched in value and rarity, making them the most sought-after rebels in the collection.

Toikido is proud to be partnering with the world’s largest web3 marketplace, OpenSea, and collaborating with high-profile IP creators, including Toikido investor GaryVee’s VeeFriends, creating a fantastic experience for digital collectors.

Led by Chief Egg, Darran Garnham, Darran brings over two decades of leadership experience in the global entertainment and toy industry and has played pivotal roles in iconic brands like Pokémon, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, Minions, VeeFriends and Among US. Labelled a “Bad Egg” at school – Darran is known for disrupting the entertainment space with his foresight in emerging trends, strategic partnerships and innovative approach which have propelled Toikido to success, distributing over 30 million products globally within two years.

The Bad Egg Co. digital collection is just the beginning. With their team already hard at work to evolve this into a global franchise, there’s a lot in store for these bad eggs. From pioneering digital collectibles to a fully-fledged global franchise encompassing toys, licensing, music, and animation, Bad Egg Co. is poised to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Darran further expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “We’re pumped to partner with OpenSea and collaborate with industry leaders to bring our amazing Bad Egg Co. IP to web3. Through this initiative, we aim to provide fans with an immersive and engaging experience that combines cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling, paving the ways for our exciting future plans.

Will Brooke, Head of Web3 Partnerships at OpenSea, added: We’re thrilled to partner with Toikdo to help bring Bad Egg Co. to life on the blockchain. Their impressive credentials across games and physical products is evident and we’re excited to see how they embrace digital collectables to build a lasting brand.

The Bad Egg Co. digital collection will mint on Thursday, June 20th and will offer a dynamic combination of digital collectibles on the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain.

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