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24 Apr - 2024

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Cicaboom presents the new Elastikorps collections, together with the great novelty Boomez, the Naruto board game.

Elastikorps, Cicaboom’s beloved stretchable toys designed for a 4-10 target audience that can stretch up to three times their original shape, welcome the new Zombie Hand collection from March 2024. These spooky hands all have Glow in the Dark features, besides being super stretchy. There are two sizes available: six 13-centimeter Zombie Hands, and four in the Giga format measuring 20 centimetres. The monstrous hands are designed for young and old, who can enjoy stretching, and creating funny shapes, or use them as a stress-reliever.

Elastikorps Fighter Extra Force is the brand new collection of 14 stretchable fighters, in the 16 cm Giga-size. The great novelty of this line is the extra strength of the fighters, guaranteed by the new accessories, incredible armour that can be collected and exchanged on all characters, assigning them ever new powers.

Each Fighter then assumes a dynamic pose of a real fighter and can have Gold & Silver, or Glow in the Dark characteristics.

Elastikorps Fighter Extra Force also have a Maxy size, which measures 23 cm and weighs about 2 kg. The Maxy product has become the star of viral videos on TikTok and YouTube with millions of views. In one of the latest clips, an influencer tries to stretch an Elastikorps together with his girlfriend, measuring a good 1.50 m in length. The video has aroused a lot of curiosity because it shows how far you can stretch the Elastikorps without ever destroying them: they always return to their original shape, providing endless fun.

After developing a line of incredible animal fighters such as dragons and tigers, and a collection with Mattel’s Master of the Universe brand, Cicaboom enhances the Elastikorps brand by acquiring The Smurfs’ license for young children, developing four iconic Maxys: Papa Smurf, Hefty Smurf, Baby Smurf and the Azrael cat.

Another novelty is the agreement with Toei for the exceptional One Piece license. Four Elastikorps variants, each with unique accessories, will be released for the main character Luffy, who already has powers of elasticity in the manga’s story. These versions include the ultra-trendy Gear 4 (Snakeman, Boundman, Tankman) and G5 (Sun God Nika). The line is currently available online and at the best toy stores, with a September 2024 release date scheduled.

The squishy characters of the new Elastikorps Heropop line are distinguished by their iconic big round head and small body. The first collection includes 12 normal-sized characters (10 cm), and 4 Maxy characters (16 cm), available in 2 colours. In addition to being able to manipulate them with their hands, they are also very fun to throw or squish on the floor, and it is always entertaining to see how the big head takes on funny expressions. The company has provided each pack with a branded target to hit, with which you can challenge your friends, following the American trend of cornhole, a game in which you throw cloth bags, usually filled with corn, at a wooden platform with a hole in it, trying to get the bag into the hole.

The first Heropop characters are available at newsstands, toy shops and in mass distribution, with Cicaboom’s Elastikorps characters, such as Gold Tiger, Finny, Dark Panther, Sharky, Dragold, Silver Lika, Rango… New collections have just been released dedicated to Spiderman, with 6 regular-size characters and 3 Maxy (Spiderman, Venom, Miles Morales); and to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael in regular and Maxy sizes.

The Boomez are 3D collectible figures with a unique and iconic design created by Cicaboom. Using character cards, Cicaboom adds simple, fun and innovative gameplay to collectibility. Each wave is made up of all-new characters in regular or variant versions, with precious finishes and limited editions for true fans. In each wave there are exclusive characters to be found inside the Flowpack Blind, giving an added value for collectors.

The new Naruto Boomez collection will soon be launched in Italy and France, with many characters including Itachi, Rock Lee, Minato… In addition, a Naruto boardgame is in the works and will be presented at Modena Play. An additional game level, which will be precisely sold in a box typical of classic board games, containing numerous elements such as a game board, obstacles, 40 support cards, dice, 240 fiches and 4 of the best-loved characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and a Kyubi Gold created especially for this 8+ board game.

There are also 14 passport sheets: each one represents all the specific abilities of each ninja, allowing players to experience a true adventure in the world of Naruto and an ever-changing gameplay experience depending on the character chosen for the game.

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