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19 Apr - 2024

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Ten years of innovation and unforgettable partnerships for Italy’s No. 1 independent agency, Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which is still growing in 2024.

Maurizio Distefano Licensing is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with great pleasure and gratitude to all the licensors and licensees who have trusted in the high professionalism of its founders, Maurizio Distefano and Michela Marchese Patti. To mark the occasion, even the iconic logo has been enriched with a festive balloon.

Ten years of dedication, passion, innovative partnerships, strategic vision and intuition for winning brands have marked the successful path taken from day one by Maurizio Distefano, who, together with his partner Michela Marchese Patti and the rest of his splendid team, has worked with dedication and professionalism to help licensees turn licensing projects into major commercial successes, becoming the No. 1 licensing agency in Italy, No. 2 in Europe and No. 37 in the world (credit: License Global).

President Maurizio Distefano said: “As we look to the future, we are committed to continuing to innovate and grow, while maintaining a high level of service and professionalism. We are delighted to be able to celebrate several highly successful projects in which our agency has been the driving force, and to confirm this trend again this year”.

Indeed, this Spring it’s possible to see on the shelves many products resulting from partnerships secured by the agency. Easter 2024, for example, is full of companies that chose or confirmed their partnership with Maurizio Distefano Licensing for chocolate eggs and other Easter products. Just to name a few, Motta with Masha and Bear eggs (confirmed to be the most popular animated TV series in the world in 2024 according to Parrot Analytics, on air since over 11 years on Rai Yoyo, and still on the top 3 as the most viewed titles), Balocco with ALVINN!!! And the Chipmunks, Dolci Preziosi with Gigantosaurus, and Dolfin with Bluey‘s Easter Eggs, a TV series with a lot of new features in the year 2024.

In fact, for Bluey, the final 10 episodes of season 3 were released on Disney+ last January, as the first 10 episodes of the same season were released on Rai Yoyo in February. BBC Studios Kids & Family has a global broadcast deal with Disney for all territories outside Australia, New Zealand, and China. On April 14th, the series’ longest ever episode, The Cartel – 28 minutes length – will premiere worldwide. As a preview of this special release, there is also the première of another unseen episode, ‘Ghost Basket’, released on Disney+ on April 7th. Since its launching in Australia in 2018, Bluey has gained millions of fans around the world and has been widely praised for its sincere and funny portrayal of family life and celebration of play. Celebrity fans include Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who have all appeared in cameo roles in the series.

Once again this year, Dolfin will be stocking two formats of Bing’s Egg, the animated TV series that has exploded on the Italian market thanks to its authentic, entertaining and, above all, educational content.

The partnership with the Italian Society of Paediatrics (S.I.P.) and Assonidi, aimed at promoting good habits in the early stages of children’s development, has been very well received by families and, for the first time, features an entertainment character as a symbol of good childhood habits.

Another brand in the agency’s portfolio that is reaching its full potential in 2024 is Baileys. This Easter, Bauli‘s Colomba with Baileys Cream is back on the shelves, but other leading food companies have recognised the strength of the brand for other products we can find in the stores all year round.

The latest addition to the licensee list is Mec3, which has added a new treat to its range: Baileys ice cream. The launch of this new product in the best ice cream parlours offers consumers an unprecedented taste experience thanks to an ice cream with an enveloping texture and soft alcoholic notes. Dessert Manifattura, on the other hand, has chosen Baileys to create three spoon desserts (Chocolate & Baileys, Tiramisu with Baileys and Caramel & Baileys) to be found in the chiller cabinets of the best supermarkets.

In November 2023, Caffè Borbone launched the product we have all been waiting for: the innovative Baileys-flavoured coffee cream. Unique on the market, it can be enjoyed both hot and cold, making it perfect for all seasons. The rapid sell-out confirms the strength and uniqueness of this delicious product, where the unmistakable notes of Baileys blend masterfully with the taste of Caffè Borbone. At the end of 2023, Vicenzi launched the special edition of the new Grisbì, where the smooth Baileys cream is wrapped in delicious shortbread biscuits. For a moment of pure taste and pleasure, Vicenzi has created the perfect break in the day. Effective communication with the ‘Unveiled pleasure’ campaign also contributed to the success of the product, which was highly appreciated by the customers.

Maurizio Distefano, President of the agency, says: “We are very proud of the results we have achieved in this first part of the year. In particular, we believe more and more in the possibilities of food brand licensing, which surprisingly can be applied to other categories. However, our hard core remains and confirms us as the agency with the most successful animated TV series of the moment: suffice it to say that Masha & Bear, Bing and Bluey are always fighting for the top 3 places as the most watched programmes by families on different platforms“.

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