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2 Apr - 2024

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ETS Licensing is always careful to select new licences in line with market demands as well as offering brands for every age group. Three very different novelties enter the portfolio, each with unique and original characteristics.

Seminal is more than a collection of works of art, it is a portal that, thanks to patented technology, connects artists and their wealth of creations to new commercial developments while protecting intellectual property. Seminal enables artists and galleries to connect their intellectual property globally with brands, companies and organisations.

With over 100 artists from all over the world and a very rich image bank, Seminal offers the possibility to create new partnerships that reflect current values such as ecology, sustainability, culture, LGBTQ+…

One of the strengths of using art in licensing is the target audience, art has no age and this allows products to be developed in every sector and for every customer, from children to adults. Art-branding allows the elevation of product appeal as well as arousing emotions in the consumer, thus increasing the perceived value of products and projects and allowing them to stand out from the competition. In addition, artists have a strong fan base that licensees can tap into to capture new audiences and generate incremental sales.

Hey clay invites children to dive into colourful fantasy worlds where they can fully express their creativity. There are dozens of fantasy worlds in the Hey Clay universe, but one world is inhabited by very special characters: Terry, Cyclops, Bigwig, Hipster, Donut and Mr. PI are the inhabitants of the monster world and their passion is to have fun in any way they can.

Hеy Clay communicates through involvement in play and interaction rather than through description and teaching. Hey Clay is designed for boys and girls aged 3-7 and is a great way to spend family time, nurturing the imagination of young and old.

The Black Diamond Race is the brand new CGI animated series by Gruppo Alcuni – directed by Sergio Manfio – made with Broadvision and Motion Pictures, in collaboration with Rai Kids and RTVE. The series is set in 1929 and stars Rani, an enterprising 18-year-old Indian girl whose dream is to become an automobile racer.

The Black Diamond Race takes place between Europe and India and tells the story of the breathtaking car race between Rani’s team – made up of girls and boys from all over the world – and that of Mr. K, an unscrupulous criminal. The prize at stake: four diamonds with magical properties that give the owner the power to control the past, present and future… it would be terrible if the stones ended up in the hands of Mr. K!

In recent years, the trend of car sports has increased dramatically, especially among millennials. Naturally, children also appreciate the world of cars and the animation products dedicated to it. The adventure series (9×45′) will be available in Italy on Rai channels and in Spain on RTVE from March 2025.

ETS Licensing will be present at the BLTF/K 24, Licensing Business Lounge, Hall 29 – Mall 2.

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