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22 Feb - 2024

Rovio Entertainment, the creative force behind Angry Birds, has partnered with Legends of Learning to introduce a groundbreaking series of STEM-focused educational games.

The collaboration, which was facilitated by Angry Birds’ global licensing agency IMG, leverages the brand’s beloved characters and settings to create an engaging and enjoyable way for students to learn STEM concepts.                         

The first release features two games: Angry Birds Eggstraction and Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal. These games will see students accompany their favorite Angry Birds characters on a mission to rescue their eggs from the mischievous pigs, all while mastering important STEM concepts like physics, forces, collisions, and multiplication.      

Key features of Angry Birds Eggstraction                                                                    

  • Physics-Based Gameplay: Experience the classic Angry Birds style with levels designed to challenge students to strategize and aim, applying the physics behind trajectories.             
  • Problem-Solving Challenges: Navigate increasing difficulty levels that promote critical thinking and reasoning, with challenges that require the application of learned academic concepts.
  • Angry Birds Lore: But with a twist! A pig is working with Red to save the eggs!               

Key features of Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal

  • Engaging Gameplay: Students use multiplication skills to pick the correct Angry Birds character, aim, and launch it through the portal to destroy the wall.
  • Seamless Academic Integration: Students won’t need to take a break from Angry Birds fun to do the math, rather multiplication is built into the game in a clever way to keep the students engaged with the Angry Birds flock. 
  • Progressive Difficulty: As students advance through the game, the levels become more challenging, ensuring continuous learning and skill development in multiplication.

Angry Birds is known for its physics-based gameplay, making it a perfect fit for a game experience that teaches STEM concepts like collisions or multiplication,” comments Katri Chacona, Rovio’s Head of Brand Licensing. “We are excited for students to start playing, and we are sure Angry Birds Eggstraction, Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal, and the subsequent games will provide an impactful education experience”.

Dr. Vadim Polikov, CEO and co-founder of Legends of Learning, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “It’s clear why research study after research study has shown that students get higher test scores when they use Legends of Learning games: engaging with learning through play is part of human nature. I cannot think of a more captivating way to learn science and math standards than with the lovable characters and intricate puzzles of Angry Birds. I couldn’t be more excited for this partnership. 


Angry Birds Eggstraction, Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal, and subsequent games from the partnership are available on the Legends of Learning platform, enriching the extensive library of curriculum-aligned math and science games.

The educational Angry Birds games are set to make learning fun and impactful, demonstrating how game-based education can enhance student outcomes.

For media inquiries, please contact marketing@legendsoflearning.com 

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