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6 Feb - 2024

Tags from the story: Dark Slope.

Dark Slope has announced they have secured production funding for a mixed reality extension of the global animated hit series The Deep.

The Deep – Beyond The Reef will launch as a Meta Quest 3 title and is supported by an investment from the Canada Media Fund.

In The Deep – Beyond The Reef players will plunge into an underwater adventure as they are challenged to navigate and unravel the secrets of uncharted waters. This immersive experience from Dark Slope promises to leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of Meta Quest 3 and will deliver an unparalleled mixed reality experience.

Developed for a global audience and produced by A Stark Production and WildBrain, together with Infinite Studios, The Deep series an is based on the Aurealis Award-winning graphic novel series, which was created by multi-award-winning, best-selling comic book author and playwright Tom Taylor (Superman, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Wolverine, Iron Man, Batman: The Detective, Star Wars: Age of Resistance) and co-creator, artist James Brouwer (Justice League Beyond), and published by Wolfgang Bylsma and Skye Ogden’s Gestalt Comics.

With a Kidscreen Award and BAFTA nomination under its belt for the television series, The Deep franchise is set to continue its legacy with this mixed reality experience from Dark Slope to chart new depths of interactive storytelling and adventure.

Underlying rights holder of The Deep, CEO & Executive Producer at A Stark Production Avrill Stark said, “The Deep has captivated audiences globally with its rich storytelling and vibrant universe. We are incredibly excited that Dark Slope will be building an experience that invites existing and new fans of this world into an adventure where they can navigate the depths of the ocean with under-water vehicles, encountering fascinating creatures”.

Avrill Stark and her team have created a fantastical underwater world filled with incredible vehicles and creatures. We are thrilled to develop The Deep – Beyond The Reef for the Meta Quest 3 platform which allows for truly immersive physical gameplay through hand tracking and MR Passthrough,” reflects Dan Fill, President of Dark Slope.

Dark Slope’s expertise in crafting story experiences across spatial and traditional media formats uniquely equips us to elevate The Deep into an incredible mixed reality experience, in line with the essence of the show and what immersive audiences are seeking. With The Deep – Beyond The Reef, we’re not just crafting a game; we’re pioneering a new dimension of interactive storytelling, setting new benchmarks for immersion and narrative depth in the mixed reality domain”.

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