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1 Feb - 2024

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Cicaboom will presents several new products from its most popular brands at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, with lots of manga-related exclusives.

Cicaboom has created several winning brands over the years, such as Boomez, Puniz and Elastikorps, and is about to launch a series of novelties for 2024, mainly related to the acquisition of popular manga licences.

The evolution of the Boomez

Boomez are collectible 3D figures with a unique and iconic design created by Cicaboom.

Boomez line is now about to undergo an incredible evolution with board games that allow players to enjoy the full potential of this fantastic product! An additional game level will be sold in a box specially designed in a typical classic board game style. It will contain four miniatures (one of which will be sold exclusively with the board game), a game board, and other cards and accessories for the game.

The graphics of the board games will be custom designed for each brand (Marvel, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, One Piece), and each hero will be modelled with his own powers, allowing unique and customised interaction in the game system. For example, with Marvel figurees, the Hulk will be able to jump on the game board, Iron Man will be able to fly, and so on.

After the huge success of the four waves of superheroes and beloved Marvel characters, from Spider-Man to Groot, the series expanded into the world of manga.

The first licence to be released will be Naruto, with a collection in special Flowpack Blind packaging where the content is not visible, so the character purchased is a surprise, and in Blister packs with visible characters that have a more articulated playability tailored to each character and a board game.

In the Naruto board game, which will be premiered in Nuremberg, players 8+ will take control of a group of four ninjas facing each other in an arena with obstacles and various bonus items and game elements, such as the 14 character passport sheets (12 specific and 2 generic).

Puniz, a renewed success

Puniz are Cicaboom’s beloved squishy characters which have been a great sales success right from the beginning!

Currently available are Puniz from the Marvel collection and Naruto. Ninja Turtles, One Piece and My Hero Academia will be launching soon.

Elastikorps, the new Heropop and Extra Force lines

Elastikorps are captivating stretchable toys. The new Heropop and Extra Force lines are ready to conquer children aged 4-10 years, and beyond!

For the Heropop, two new collections will be released in 2024: the Spiderman line, with six normal-size characters, and three maxi characters (Spiderman, Venom, Miles Morales); and the Ninja Turtles line, with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael in normal and maxi sizes.

The Heropop Naruto lines are being prepared with four characters in normal size and one maxi: One Piece, with four characters in normal size, and the protagonist Luffy G5 in maxi version. More brands are being developed for the future.

Elastikorps Fighter Extra Force is the brand new collection of stretchable.

After developing a line of incredible fighters with animal faces, and a collection with Mattel’s Master of the Universe brand, Cicaboom will further enhance the Elastikorps brand with the exceptional One Piece licence, in partnership with Toei.

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