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22 Jan - 2024

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Wyncor is a new global toy company established with a mission to create and deliver innovative and creative toys for its own IP and premium brands, with products that are tied closely to their content’s DNA.

Helena Perheentupa

Former Mattel executive Helena Perheentupa serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

At its core, Wyncor’s mission is to offer speed and flexibility to retailers and partners, best-in-class product development for alignment with partners’ IP content, and premium quality and innovative products to consumers. Wyncor works closely with partners’ creative teams to ensure that products are a natural extension of their content, offering a rich, immersive, and fun experience for their fans. Wyncor is owned by Jstar Capital.

In her new role at Wyncor, Perheentupa will spearhead all operations for the company. Perheentupa has an extensive industry background. Through her 13-year tenure at Mattel in Frankfurt, Germany, she rose through the ranks to become Head of Licensing, overseeing Mattel properties such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Monster High, Uno, and Matchbox; and Hit Entertainment properties Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Pingu, and more. Prior, she served for eight years at blue-chip giant Procter and Gamble in business planning and strategy roles, and most recently at ZAG.

Wyncor will offer a solid range of innovative products, including patented toys such as the Miraball™️ and SwopPop (patent filed), as well as other unique offerings that include ReClay, Mon Ami, and Oozy Squeezy, and will produce licensed and non-licensed product lines. Wyncor will donate a percentage of global toy sales to Gustave Roussy, the leading comprehensive cancer center in Europe, for research against cancer.

Wyncor has acquired global rights from powerhouse companies Paramount, Hasbro, ZAG, and Emoji Company, for new product launches in Spring 2024.

  • For Paramount’s multi-billion-dollar brands Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants, and Spin Master’s PAW Patrol, the Miraball™️ and ReClay.
  • For industry titan Hasbro, the Miraball™️ for Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Transformers (excluding Japan), and Monopoly.
  • For Emoji Company, one of the most iconic,  expressive and influential lifestyle brands in the world, the Miraball™️ and SwopPop will continue to spread their fun, enthusiasm, and emotions around the world.
  • And for ZAG’s globally popular Miraculous™ brand, products already at retail include the Miraball™️, SwopPop, and Mon Ami Kwamis; with ReClay launching Spring 2024.

With our innovative line of toys, including a growing number of patented products, together with our sophisticated product development and manufacturing process, we can offer brands the opportunity to regularly offer new limited edition product versions for collectability and seasonal play,” commented Perheentupa. “We are well positioned to react quickly to changing market trends offering relevant and inventive products, and our wide portfolio allows for differentiation at retail. We are proud to be different and fearless.

Wyncor’s first patented products to market include:

  • Miraball™, a collectible toy that features two “Little but Legendary” surprises. Boasting new patented technology, the 2¾-inch diameter colorful blind pack ball reveals three secrets. Under the wrap is a vibrantly painted metal dangler ball. When the ball is popped open, a large hidden plushy charm expands to over 4-inches in diameter, thanks to the innovation of a new ultra-shrinkable memory foam plush. The Miraball™️, featuring Miraculous™, made its retail debut in fall 2023 across 20 markets; and in the U.S. at brick-and-mortar stores Target, Fred Meyer, and Meijer, and online at Amazon. Consumer demand for the new toy led to Wyncor securing licensing rights for multiple other brands, with launches upcoming for PAW Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and SpongeBob SquarePants from Paramount; Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Transformers, and Monopoly from Hasbro; and Emoji Company.
  • ReClay is the first toy compound that transforms from a solid state to a fluid state, again and again. ReClay becomes smooth and soft in warm water and is ready to be shaped into any object—a figurine, a bracelet, a bowl, for example—and cures within minutes into a hard and durable item that can be displayed as is or painted with water-soluble acrylic colors. The product softens again when immersed in warm water. The product launches with eight colors, a starter kit, a figurine starter kit, and figurine molds. The first licensed brands to feature on ReClay include PAW Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and SpongeBob SquarePants from Paramount; and ZAG’s Miraculous™.
  • SwopPop (patent filed), a fashion-forward line of unique “minipop” bags that are fully customizable and interchangeable with a wide range of SWOPs—handles, straps, ears, and figurines; and POPs, badges that clip on with the small pop sound. All Swops and Pops come in unique stackable and reusable transparent PopBoxes. The SwopPop range includes Swops and Pops for the PopBear, PopBunny, PopBat and the PopGiraffe. Licensed range of Swops and Pops include Miraculous™ and Emoji.
  • Mon Ami (French for “my friend”), a range of 9½-inch glossy and glittery-eyed animal friends that feature uniquely tooled 3D and 3-layer resin eyes, 3D eyelashes, and a stitched badge for authenticity. Choose wisely – choose your spirit BFF. The first Mon Ami range, Mon Ami Kwamis, feature the Kwamis from Miraculous™ and launched fall 2023 reaching the top 30 products on Amazon within the first month. The Spring 2024 line features some of today’s most popular animals including the axolotl, blue-ringed octopus, bat, penguin, narwhal, and deer, with their sparkling eyes and lashes.
  • OozySqueezy is a sensory surprise in five ranges: OozySqueezy – Extra Pleazy! Each series has a range of four unique OozySqueezy’s to collect. They come in a range of  fortune cookie-shaped blindpacks. Each range has a unique, rich, and luxurious texture, with additional fun features across the line. “Ghosties” glow-in-the-dark; “Super Scented Fruities” are scented; “Double Dino Surprise” stays true to its name; “Solar System Stardust” has glittery stars filling; and “Miraculous™” is a range of fully colored OozySqueezy’s in the shape of your favorite heroes.

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