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18 Jan - 2024

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At the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Play Around will present their latest novelties, including new product lines and the development of the TATA audio-box, as well as their recent licensing partnerships.

For Play Around, the axes of development needed to meet new challenges go in several directions: careful pre-emptive analysis, innovative proposals and pricing that is closely tailored to consumer needs.

The first direction takes the form of two new toy lines developed following several children’s focus groups, with the aim of creating products that meet their expectations and sensibilities.

The new WatEgg toy line combines elements that are familiar to children with just the right amount of innovation to generate a surprise effect. A highly compelling storyline transports them to a universe of secret laboratories and alien experiments, from which mutant animals are born and awakened by an unexpected event. Eggs, commonly associated with the concept of surprise and birth for young children, are presented here as authentic technological capsules from which unusual animals can be born. These meet children’s expectations in terms of playability, surprise and collectability. Added to this is an exciting water game where the egg/capsule suddenly opens upon contact with water, which was well received by the kids in the focus groups, as an exciting game element. The capsule is in fact equipped with an infinitely reusable opening system, allowing children to relive the fun countless times.

The WatEgg line has already been designed with a two-tiered proposal in terms of size and price, with a second collection expected next May.

The second brand, StickyBlow, is designed as pure play and fun. Light-heartedness, imagination, directness and sharing are the key elements of this line. The characteristics that have guided the choice of a game to date, such as the sticky concept, deformability, and malleability, are all recognised and celebrated in this offer. Added to these are the concepts of challenge, viral and social sharing, understood as the desire to share the moment of play.

Have you ever imagined that by tripling the size of a character a toy could simultaneously acquire a completely new playability without having to buy accessories or extensions? With StickyBlow this is possible! In fact, you can transform each individual character, stick several characters together to create new ones, throw them in the air to see what happens, creating lots of new game actions.

And all of this is always done with a focus on an affordable pricing strategy. A toy line dedicated to girls is already being developed and promises to be just as engaging and fun.

Next up are some new partners in 2023 for TATA, Play Around’s audio box, which more than a brand is now a ‘world’.

After Simba with the Masha and Bear storyteller, and Giocheria with L’OrsoGio, it was Cefa Toys’ turn. Together with Spanish writer and influencer Beatrix Montero, Cefa worked on customising the Pea group’s device, presenting it as ‘Cuentacuentos’.

For 2024, TATA has extended its presence in the Middle East by entering into an exclusive agreement with ToyPro that will establish it as a storyteller for a wide range of local and international IPs. The agreement with ToyPro fully showcases the TATA model, which offers any player, distributor or retailer the opportunity to have their audio box as an ongoing product to which unique content can be combined, with or without a licence.

The TATA device, with technology already available and amortised into its development costs, offers the best effectiveness/efficiency ratio in the sector, with extensive possibilities for customisation. In addition, the ability to integrate with a proprietary digital ecosystem, allowing for simple and immediate connection between the physical product and special digital content via an NFC link, makes this product more of a TATA ‘world’ than just a simple device.

This world, accessible to all, will be one of the focal points of the Play Around stand at Nuremberg, with the aim of sharing it with leading partners and creating medium-term projects that maximise its potential.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention what is happening in the world of TUUUBALU. Interest has been so high that the line has been extended to include the best-known doggies in pre-school TV: PAW Patrol.

A special collection was created in partnership with Paramount which has already landed distribution agreements in G.A.S. territories and France.  New licensed series will also be added shortly.

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