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15 Jan - 2024

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In a significant move to expand its global footprint,  PGS Entertainment has announced a strategic partnership with Lazy Shrimp Studio for the worldwide distribution of Leo the Truck.

Known for its engaging and educational content, the series boasts over 23 billion lifetime views on YouTube and is available in over 15 languages. This global appeal is further evidenced by its accessibility on over 80 platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Roku, Spacetoon, and Telecom Italia, among many others.

Leo the Truck has made significant inroads in the digital preschool sector, standing out as a major animated IP on YouTube Kids, particularly in the preschool series category focusing on vehicles. The show’s appeal lies in its unique blend of engineering concepts and storytelling. It follows the adventures of Leo the truck and his friends as they build new objects and overcome challenges in each episode. This approach not only entertains but also educates, introducing young minds to basic engineering principles and encouraging cognitive development. Currently, with two successful seasons and a third in production, the show continues to captivate young audiences worldwide.

Through this partnership, PGS Entertainment aims to further expand the series’ reach, enhancing its availability on various digital and linear platforms.

Philippe Soutter, Co-founder of PGS Entertainment, shared, “We are excited to bring ‘Leo the Truck,’ a favorite among children in the digital world, into the PGS Entertainment fold. This partnership marks a significant step in broadening the series’ global influence. Our aim is to propel ‘Leo the Truck’ to greater heights in children’s entertainment, enriching young minds worldwide.

Vladimir Nabatov, Head of Business Development at Lazy Shrimp Studio, expressed his enthusiasm “‘Leo the Truck’ has already garnered significant success in digital media, reflecting our commitment to innovative storytelling and quality animation. Our partnership with PGS, a leader in children’s content distribution, strategically aims to diversify the series’ reach across both traditional and digital platforms. This collaboration combines our digital expertise with PGS’s robust distribution network, broadening ‘Leo the Truck’s’ appeal on multiple media platforms. We are eager to embark on this journey, leveraging our combined strengths to make a significant impact in children’s entertainment.

This partnership is poised to significantly boost the brand’s global footprint, underscoring its growing influence in children’s digital media.

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