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9 Jan - 2024

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Following a series of meetings at BLE in October 2023, 3Megos has won an international tender for the right to adapt and produce a new version of the series Nelly Jelly.

Based on the much loved children’s books, the current TV series, owned by NJWorld, has been a massive hit in the Baltic States, expanding across all media including music, toys, and a successful movie. The Nelly Jelly character and stories have always generated a positive response from pre- school children, answering some of their fundamental questions and encouraging their creativity and imagination. This relatability and charm has been keen to the brand’s rapid growth, and the demand for more content.

After a series of discussions with international broadcasters, it was felt that to make the programme work as a long running series across international markets it would need rewriting and produced in an updated animation style.

The 3Megos studio, based in the UK has now won the competitive tender and is working on reworking the stories, and adapting the animation to bring out the best of this loveable TV franchise. The writing team will be lead by the Emmy Award winning writers Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson whose credits include: Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Charlie and Lola, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas the Tank Engine ad Digby Dragon.

Brands with Influence will be managing the licensing programme worldwide outside of the Baltic States, and the licensing will be based on the new look and style of the revamped series.

Martin Lowde CEO, 3Megos said, “We fell in love with the Nelly Jelly character and could immediately see the potential for this series. Over the coming months we will be refining the storytelling, and adapting the animation style to make it really engaging for pre-school children across the world.

Simona Krasauskiene, CEO at NJ World in Lithuania explained, “We wanted to work with a company that could take the magic and excitement of the original stories, and deliver them in a new series that would work for broadcast internationally. The team at 3Megos immediately got the brand and its core values, and so we are delighted to be working with them to take an already successful brand even further.

Martin Lowde and Mark Vale of 3Megos will be presenting Nelly Jelly at the upcoming Kidscreen in San Diego, and are in the process of producing a trailer for the new series.

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