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6 Dec - 2023

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DeAPlaneta Entertainment has launched the first App for Milo, its successful multi-award-winning preschool animated series co-produced with Fourth Wall.

The Milo App can be downloaded for free from December 1st, through Google Play and the App Store, and is currently available worldwide in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment has closed a deal with game developer Overtek, which foresees the development, promotion and digital distribution of the game. Milo's App is an educational gaming application for the whole family, which is in tune with the values and objectives of the multi-award-winning preschool animated series on which it is based. Milo, which won Best Children's Series at the prestigious British Animation Awards in 2022, uses role play techniques to explore the wonderful world of careers, introducing preschoolers to a variety of jobs in a positive and fun way. The underlying message of the series is that all professions are AMAZING.

Milo's App is aimed at family audiences and, especially, to the series' target audience (children from 2 to 6 years old), and it is an exciting educational adventure that will allow all fans of the series to explore the world of Milo, its charismatic cat protagonist, while learning through playing. The App is designed to broaden and enrich the experience of Milo's fans of all ages and to become an educational tool that encourages learning and fun in a safe environment for children.

Users of the App will be able to enjoy it for free, and without advertising, accessing 4 mini-games and a daily adventure with Milo. Some of the mini-games and materials available through the App are: "Choose your profession", where the user will have to choose between four exciting jobs (Milo Explorer, Milo Journalist, Milo Cook and MIlo Farmer); "The daily adventure with Milo in Milotown", where you can meet the most beloved characters of the series and help them accomplish daily missions; a wide variety of drawings, crafts and downloadable activities, available in the App's four languages (Spanish, English, French and Italian), which will allow children of all ages to let their imagination run wild and explore their creativity.

For those unfamiliar with the series and its characters, Milo will welcome them to the App, introducing himself and his companions Lofty, Lark and Suds in a short video. The App will also include a multimedia option that connects users directly to YouTube, where they will be able to access more content about the series, as well as a listing of the channels on which it is available. Accessibility will also be increased, with simple parental controls that will ask parents for permission to access new sections of the game. In addition, the App will be constantly updated, including new games and exclusive content for users.

Available on iOs and Google Play, this is the first Official App for Milo, whose second season (T1 + T2: 104x11') is already in production and will be available in Fall 2024, and whose first season is already being broadcast in more than 170 countries and has been dubbed into more than 20 languages.

Milo is produced by Fourth Wall and DeAPlaneta Entertainment, a leading European entertainment company. The production was supported by the UK government-funded Young Audiences Content Fund, which is managed by the BFI and supports the creation of distinctive, quality content for young audiences. The fund is intended to provide content that informs our understanding of the world, stimulates knowledge and learning, while representing diversity and alternative viewpoints. DeAPlaneta Entertainment owns and manages the consumer product rights to the series worldwide.

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