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13 Nov - 2023

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Cartoon Business, organised by CARTOON, will celebrate its fourth edition in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on November 14-16.

More than 120 young and experienced animation producers from 24 countries will have the chance to engage in 19 conferences and a number of networking activities, including 120 one-to-one meetings organised on Tuesday afternoon with 65 participants.

With the aim of finding together the best growth models for and with animation, Cartoon Business features a programme including the following keynotes: “Building your Animation Business Within Europe New Partnerships” by Anna Mroczek (WJTeam-Likaon/PL), Jakub Karwowski (Lekto/PL), and Simon Österhof (SOJA/SW), and “Animation Business Beyond Europe – Greener Grass or a Familiar Story?” by Amit Russell (The Hive Studio/IL) and Bert Van Brande (Stellar Creative Lab/CA).

The programme also includes a number a successful case studies on European IPs, including films, TV series and games such as “Mavka” (Animagrad/UA – The Nerd Agency/UA), “Behind the Beats” (TeamTO/FR), “Cleo & Cuquin”(Anima Kitchent/ES), “The Gruffalo” (Magic Light Pictures/UK), and “Temtem” (Somewhere Animation/FR, Crema/ES, Marla Studios /US).

The new opportunities opening up for animation due to the advances in robotics and A.I. technology will also be discussed in conferences such as “How Innovative Thinking in Robotics is Creating Fresh and Exciting Opportunities for Animation Businesses” de Cyril Le Pesant (Gaumont Animation/FR), “Will A.I. Be the Biggest Game Changer in our Industry – Ever?!” by Olivier Lelardoux (Blue Spirit Productions/FR) and Colin Williams (Sixteen South/IE), and “Is A.I. Threatening Our Chains of Titles?” by Clara Benyamin (CBLF Avocats/FR).

On a slightly different note, Juha Fiilin (Fiilin Good Films/FI) and Tania Pinto da Cunha (Pink Parrot/ES) will delve into the Tween/Teen market in “How to Conquer the Tween/Teen Market?”, while Ilan Urroz (Foliascope/FR) will reflect on the industry sustainability policies in “How Green is your Studio?”. Lastly, the Gran Canaria Film Commission will outline the main attractions offered by the island for the setting up of production companies.

The 32 speakers hail from 15 countries. The full list of speakers can be accessed at this link while the programme of conferences is available here.

Cartoon Business lands for the fourth time in Gran Canaria, the third year in a row. The seminar is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and of The Council of Gran Canaria, the Agency for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC), and Gran Canaria Film Commission.

Gran Canaria, a perfect environment for animation

In recent years, more than 12 animation and VFX studios have been set up in this new spot for European animation, an upward trend reflecting Gran Canaria’s increasing commitment to animation.

Tax incentives for the animation industry – with tax deductions of up to 54% in the case of international productions or co-productions with Spain -, as well as other benefits including an unparalleled quality of life, are the key to the island’s appeal as business destination. Amuse Studios, Ánima Kitchent, Big Technological Services, Koyi Talent, Perruncho Studio y Fortiche Production are some of the animation production companies working from Gran Canaria to the world.

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