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19 Oct - 2023

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Among the most popular toy franchises of the last 15 years, Gormiti is back as an original TV live action series from Rainbow in collaboration with Giochi Preziosi, and it’s ready to thrill global audiences.

The first announcement came at the latest edition of MIPCOM Cannes, sparking big anticipation in the industry. And it’s no wonder, since the next chapter of Gormiti will be an unprecedented reboot mixing live action and top quality CGI, making it one of the most anticipated boys’ properties releasing in 2024.

The new series created by visionary Iginio Straffi and his team at Rainbow Group will feature two seasons of 10×22’ live action episodes, and is aimed at the 6-11 year old boys’ target.

Originally launched in 2005 by Italy’s leading toy company Giochi Preziosi, Gormiti needs no introduction – the brand gets growing into a dream property for boys all over Europe and has been distributed in over 50 countries surpassing five hundred million figures sold.

Gormiti is a great Italian brand with huge potential. I was thrilled to take on the challenge of creating a live action series with quality special effects for a top-notch production in collaboration with the Giochi Preziosi team, and we look forward to bringing the heroic story, spirit, and values of Gormiti to international screens like never before,” comments Iginio Straffi, founder, CEO and President of the Rainbow Group.

As President and founder of Giochi Preziosi, I am very excited to endorse this extraordinary collaboration with Rainbow. Gormiti is a historical GP brand, a hugely successful franchise that first appeared more than 15 years ago, and today, thanks to this new launch, it will be back more powerful than ever on the international scene. At Giochi Preziosi we are working tirelessly in the development of an Action Figure offering designed down to the finest detail to allow kids around the world to reenact the unforgettable adventures of the Gormiti saga and offer the best to fans of the property across all age groups.  I am convinced that this collaboration will give us new momentum and spread the power of this iconic brand on a global scale,” comments GP’s President Enrico Preziosi.

Gormiti – The New Era is not just a reboot, but a whole new concept for the pop culture phenomenon built around the power of elementals, enhanced by a top quality direction and CGI effects. The Italian studios are managing the high budget production starting from the graphic concept all the way to postproduction, involving an exceptional team.

Starring four young kids chosen by the Gormian spirits to lead the battle against the evil destroyers that threaten both the Earth and Gorm, Gormiti – The New Era is a show full of drama, action, epic, and magic, mixing in perfect balance to offer the audience a coming of age series with huge potential. Episode after episode, the four earthly protagonists called the Scions – Glen, Carter, Zane, and Skye, will discover their hidden gifts, learn to master them, and tap into their Gormita of Earth, Water, Fire and Air to unleash their powers. In their hero journey, they will learn to trust each other and collaborate, united against a looming team of villains. Twists won’t be missing, as the four Scions and their Gormiti will take the audience to a new dimension of values and stories, contributing to the development of themes such as friendship, teamplay, courage, emotional maturity, and awareness.

Gormiti’s thrilling new chapter will take the brand to an even more aspirational level and widespread market presence, with a rich launch plan slated between 2024 and 2025.

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