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6 Oct - 2023

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Cementing its place as a top pre-school franchise in the country, Bing has been selected by Italian Society of Paediatrics and nursery trade association, Assonidi to front a multi-year campaign aimed to encourage healthy habits in early childhood.

Called ‘Growing with Bing’ the campaign will focus on different health-related topics across the year. The first focus of the campaign, launched in June, looked at the importance of a balanced diet and hydration. As the days get shorter, the autumn and winter topic will be bedtime routines. 2024 will see the campaign look at a variety of topics including reading, using the toilet, playing outdoors and mental health. 

As part of the campaign, families, doctors and teachers will have access to Bing-themed recipe cards, activity sheets, videos with approved messaging from the Italian Society of Paediatrics. These resources will be distributed via Assonidi to all their 400+ associated nurseries and families within the nurseries, as well as in the Italian Society of Paediatrics’ doctors surgeries. The Italian Society of Paediatrics has a network of  over 11,000 paediatricians who work in hospitals and surgeries and in universities throughout the country.

Annamaria Staiano, President of the Italian Society of Paediatrics said of the campaign, “We are happy that a character as loved by children as Bing can become, thanks to this campaign, an ‘ambassador’ of lifestyles to help our children and grandchildren grow up healthy and become healthy adults. This partnership with Acamar and Assonidi is an important step towards the realisation of our mission: to promote the psychophysical health of children and their social well-being.” 

Premiering in Italy in 2018, Bing rose quickly to become one of the most popular pre-school properties in the country and remains at top performer on screen and at retail. The ‘Growing with Bing’ campaign is a massive partnership for the beloved brand which is available to watch on platforms including Rai Yoyo, Disney+, DeA Junior, Vodafone TV, Amazon Prime Video, and TIMVision, as well as on a dedicated Bing YouTube channel and the all-in-one Bing app, ‘Bing: Guarda, Gioca, Impara‘.

Bing’s success in Italy is mirrored across Europe. In the UK, the show remains one of the most popular on BBC iPlayer while in France, where the show premiered on France 5 at the start of the year, the series regularly ranks as the most watched pre-school show on the channel.

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