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4 Oct - 2023

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For more than half a century, Smiley has been a universally recognised trademark of happiness and positivity. Born in 1972 as a beacon of feel-good news, Smiley has transcended to become a global brand, inspiring creativity and optimism.

The Smiley Company, are the proud creators and guardians of two iconic brands: The original Smiley and the SmileyWorld brand featuring the original Smileys; whose journey is a celebration of creativity, positivity, and the art of influence.

At the heart of Smiley’s philosophy lies the celebration of the Creative, Unique, Individual, and Inspirational. This celebration takes form in collaborations with leading global brands and retailers, resulting in premium collections and limited-edition capsules that embody the essence of positivity and creativity.

For 2024, the Smiley brand delves into the minds of influential artists who share their perspectives on being original creators, the power of creation, the art of influencing others, and the emotions tied to imitation. These engaging conversations with talented artists are their way of reinforcing the position as the true originators of the Smiley brand, the pioneers who have revolutionized online communication with the iconic Smileys.

The Smiley brand has left a remarkable mark on the landscape of brand, with countless companies following their path in spreading happiness and positivity. However, in a world filled with copycats, this new campaign will ensure that the public can always distinguish the genuine article from the imitators. The campaign creates a deep emotional connection with their audience, so they yearn for the original, craving nothing less than the authentic Smiley experience.

Discover why they are not just a brand but a legacy, dedicated to bringing happiness to your life. Experience the true, the original, and the extraordinary – only at The Smiley Company.

Introducing “We Are All Original”: Redefining Trailblazing

The “We Are All Original” campaign by Smiley represents a bold and pioneering endeavor that dares to champion the cause of authenticity in a society where success is often measured against the rigid yardsticks of societal norms. This campaign goes beyond the conventional understanding of pioneering by fundamentally reshaping the way we perceive uniqueness in individuals, irrespective of their background or social standing.

In a world that frequently encourages conformity, the campaign courageously emphasizes the innate distinctiveness that resides within every individual. It challenges the prevailing notions that often pressure people to conform to societal expectations and standards, encouraging them to stand proud in their own unique identities.

Rather than adhering to the stereotypical ideals of success, the “We Are All Original” campaign highlights a diverse array of individuals who embody the essence of originality. These individuals, hailing from various walks of life, serve as living testaments to the power of being true to oneself. Through their stories and experiences, the campaign aims to ignite a sense of empowerment within others, inspiring them to embrace their authentic selves.

The campaign’s global impact is nothing short of remarkable, with a staggering reach that spans over 100 million people worldwide. To convey its profound message of individuality and authenticity, “We Are All Original” leverages a multi-faceted approach. It employs captivating storytelling that engages the audience on an emotional level, making them connect deeply with the message. Dynamic visuals bring these stories to life, creating a visual feast that resonates with viewers. Additionally, the campaign uses relatable narratives that bridge the gap between diverse backgrounds, making it accessible to people from all walks of life.

In sum, the “We Are All Original” campaign by Smiley stands as a beacon of inspiration in a world that sometimes stifles individuality. It encourages us to break free from the shackles of conformity, embrace our unique qualities, and proudly proclaim, “We Are All Original.” With its far-reaching impact and compelling storytelling, this campaign serves as a powerful reminder that authenticity is a universal treasure worth celebrating. #WeAreAllOriginal.

Unleashing Creative Expression

This global digital-first campaign creatively spotlights global trailblazers in their respective fields. Collaborations with partners bring their products into the heart of this creative expression. The line-up for We are All Original includes global actors, artists, fashion designers, musicians, sporting icons and more.

Partners for a Positive Impact

“We Are All Original” goes beyond the Smiley brand as it extends its invitation to partner brands. Through this campaign, Smiley provides a platform for partners to participate, placing their customers and innovators at the forefront. Delivering an inclusive, personal celebration of their varied customer demographics.

Rolling Out the Campaign: A Global Resonance

The “We Are All Original” campaign represents a dynamic and far-reaching endeavor that aims to make a lasting impact on a global scale. This initiative is strategically designed to not only reinforce Smiley’s existing reputation but also elevate it to the status of the ultimate destination for individuals seeking positivity, creativity, and inclusivity in their brand choices.

To achieve this, the campaign will leverage a multifaceted approach, capitalising on a diverse array of channels and strategies, creating a 360-campaign encompassing outdoor advertising, media partnerships, influencer collaborations, retail experiential, and a robust presence on social and digital platforms.

By employing this comprehensive approach across multiple touchpoints, the “We Are All Original” campaign is well-equipped to resonate with a global audience, thereby reinforcing Smiley’s position as the leading brand for positivity, creativity, and inclusivity. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to embracing and celebrating the diversity of its customer base while fostering a sense of unity and authenticity worldwide.

This campaign unites activists, artists, creatives, outsiders, and originators under the banner of “We Are All Original.”

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