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27 Sep - 2023

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PMI Kids’ World will make its second appearance at New York Toy Fair 2023 after an incredible year of new licenses, new brands, and epic product launches under its belt.

Located at booth #1147, PMI is offering product tours and interview opportunities for both media and attendees at this year’s show.

The Israel-based toy company will be showcasing toys, plush and collectibles from Pudgy Penguins (launched in May 2023 and hit #1 on Amazon’s hot new release charts), Piñata Smashlings (toys and plush from the hit Roblox game), The Creature Cases (a new licensed line from Netflix for 2024), Sonic Prime and more!

We are so excited to be a part of the return of the New York Toy Fair, especially after a successful year at PMI”, said Boaz Dekel, CEO and Founder, PMI Kids’ World. “We are always looking for new top trending IPs, and are set on creating innovative ways to bring them to consumers hands.

Pudgy Penguins

The brand-new Pudgy Penguins toy line is a breakthrough in web3 and toy innovation, topping Amazon charts as the #1 hot new release during launch (May 2023)! Based on the mega-popular digital collectibles of the same name, it merges its iconic collectibility into the realm of tangible toys and play. These figures seamlessly integrate a digital experience with physical play, creatively allowing you to own and register a one-of-a-kind forever Pudgy Penguin on the blockchain, opening worldwide easy and swift access to the notoriously intimidating blockchain trade by Pudgy “Mass Adoption”!

Piñata Smashlings

From the colorful and vibrant Piñata Smashlings game within the world of Roblox, the Piñata Smashlings collection is all set to redefine playtime at the end of 2023, and into 2024! Each toy within the lineup comes with a unique QR code that offers access to exclusive in-game content, enriching the interactive experience for fans. The Piñataverse will journey from the digital realm to your living space as it will hit the shelves of Walmart, Macy’s, Meijer, FYE, Amazon, and Five Below in September and October 2023!

The Creature Cases

Debuting in retail in 2024, PMI will bring attendees a sneak peak of its comprehensive line of The Creature Cases playsets, figures, and plush toys!

Sonic Prime

Unlock A SHATTERVERSE! Based on the Netflix original series, you can now reenact your favorite scenes from Boscage Mase and New York City with a variety of collectibles! From blind capsules to plush and a unique Paradox Prism, there’s a variation of products for fans and toy enthusiasts to enjoy!

In addition, PMI will also be showcasing officially-licensed products from its Booksy, Paw Patrol, Miraculous, Gang Beasts, Brawl Stars, Matchify, and Spellbound toy line!

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