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18 Sep - 2023

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TeamTO has presented animated preschool comedy What’s Up Eesha? (11 x 52 min), a spin-off of TeamTO’s holiday special “Winter is Here,” based on the book series by Jean Gouronas.

Eesha is an imaginative penguin who loves to create but frequently finds her plans disrupted by her rambunctious, fun-seeking friends.  Set in whimsical Snowtop, this series follows the twists and turns of an arctic community’s unexpected adventures as they learn to live together, with all the comedy, silliness and miscommunication that comes from a group effort.  But their input into Eesha’s projects is never quite what she might expect! Flip, Flop, Eesha and the others enjoy each other’s company and like to have fun together. However sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Eesha may get her project done or she may not, but she is always learning to embrace the unexpected!

Executive Producer Corinne Kouper commented, “What I like about What’s Up Eesha? is that it’s an unusual and delicate project for children that, using very simple stories, deals with kids’ relationships with each other and themselves. In each episode, Eesha realizes that by adjusting her plans to accommodate her cutely clingy friends just a little, everyone can join in the fun!

Creative Development Executive Mary Bredin added, “Eesha is an inspiring character and unusual in a pre-school show as she is a quieter force – not loud. Eesha wants to create something by herself, but her friends all have different ideas and plans. It’s like a team sport where everyone accepts that everyone has valid input, a real life skill!

What’s up Eesha’s creative team includes Director, Loïc Espuche (I Lost my Body, Ollie & Moon), Scriptwriter Felicity Carpenter (Sadie J, Hut 13), and Creative Development Executive, Mary Bredin (Jade Armor, Pik Wik, Justin Time). The show is currently in development and is being presented with a bible, script and animatic at Cartoon Forum and Mipcom Jr.

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