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31 Aug - 2023

Tags from the story: APC Kids, JADE ARMOR.

APC Kids has secured key international sales for TeamTO’s action-comedy series Jade Armor.

New deals for the 26 x 26’ series, produced by TeamTO in partnership with France Télévisions and Super RTL, include: Téléquébec (Canada); WildBrain (Canada); RTBF (Belgium), and DR (Denmark). The martial arts action-comedy series, aimed at 6-10 year olds is currently airing on Cartoon Network (EMEA), France Télévisions (France), Super RTL (Germany); ABC (Australia), and SRC (Canada).

The legendary Jade Armor is a mythical superhero, and now it is Lan Jun’s turn to be Jade Armor. Even she can’t quite believe her destiny is to be this epic hero! With the help of her friends, Theo and Alisha and the mystical Beasticons that accompany the Armor, Lan Jun is thrust into a series of action-packed adventures. Every day, she must contend with both an evil array of super villains and the very real trials of teenage life.

Lionel Marty, Managing Director of APC Kids, said: “Jade Armor is an exciting, unique and fun series that fits perfectly into our slate of shows and the values we uphold to empower kids through vibrant, diverse, entertaining storytelling. We are delighted to be further extending the reach of the series and working with more renowned broadcast partners, introducing this strong, martial-arts-loving female central character and her world to new audiences globally. 

Corinne Kouper, SVP of Production and Development, TeamTO, added, “Jade Armor is not only filled with exciting adventures, comedy and action, but also deals with the theme of self-discovery amidst the pressures of family heritage and expectations. Jade learns how to embrace the influence of her martial arts trained grandmothers while forging her own unique path, a universal theme for kids today. We are delighted that APC has brought this original and entertaining series to more fans across the globe.”

Jade Armor’s talented all-female creative team is led by multi-award-winning executive producer Corinne Kouper, supported by showrunner and co-creator, Chloé Miller; head writer, MJ Offen; French story editorGhyslaine Pujol, and co-developer, Mary Bredin. Based on a concept by M Pongo Kuo, Jade Armor is entirely produced in TeamTO’s state of the art animation studios in France.

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