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23 Aug - 2023

Moose Toys in collaboration with Universal Products & Experiences is giving fans something to sing and dance about: New DreamWorks Trolls Band Together Mineez.

The first-ever line of Trolls collectibles, will hit shelves in October 2023, ahead of the much-anticipated theatrical release of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls Band Together on Nov 17, 2023. The Mineez will come in a variety of pack sizes and accessible price points.

Moose will release more than 100 Trolls Band Together Mineez — 1 ½” scale collectible cuties featuring fan favorites, like Poppy and Branch, and new characters, including Viva and members of Branch’s boy band, BroZone. The Mineez will ‘rock’ in a variety of Trolls hair and finishes, including head-to-toe glitter, metallic and transparent, and will be available in rare, ultra-rare and limited editions. With a wide range of charming and unique collectibles featuring fun finishes, kids and collectors will be eager to search for their favorite characters and build an awesome collection. In addition to the Mineez, the toymaker is also launching Trolls products based on Moose Toys’ original brands, including Real Littles and Scruff-A-Luvs.

Fans will be amazed by the vast treasure trove of Trolls coming their way. There has never been an official collectibles line of Trolls toys and we are making up for it with a vast collection at an affordable ‘collect them all’ price,” said Joe Smith, vice president of global and U.S. marketing, licensed brands, Moose Toys. “In addition to the movie-inspired Mineez, we are introducing Moose-ified Trolls in cross-collaboration with several of our own brands. This is one more way that we are endearing the iconic Trolls franchise to its enthusiastic fan base, while also appealing to loyal fans of our most popular brands.

In true Moose fashion, the extensive Trolls line includes playsets, collectibles, plush characters, action figures and more.

The range includes:

Trolls Band Together Mineez

These 1 ½” scale cuties are the first ever true collectibles line for the beloved Trolls franchise AND there are more than 100 of them. Kids can start collecting the fun, friendship and most importantly HAIR of Trolls. The extensive collection features characters in a variety of finishes, including head-to-toe glitter, metallic, transparent, Trolls hair and more. Kids can get their collection started with a two-pack, then grab the 11-piece BroZone + Friends Performance Pack to play out all the key character movie moments.

Adding to the seek and find fun, the collection includes limited-edition Snack Pack crew with Biggie, Tiny Diamond, Bridget & Prince Gristle, and the rarest, most sought out Troll of them all — the limited-edition Poppy. All packs feature surprise accessories and a collector’s guide.

Trolls Band Together Rhonda’s Playset

Hit the road with Tiny Diamond at the wheel in Rhonda’s Playset. The cozy camper includes the popular Poppy figure and an ultra-rare Tiny Diamond figure. The camper is filled with Trolls-size furnishings that can be reconfigured again and again, including a ladder, table and chairs, couch and kitchen cabinets — everything the duo needs to travel in style and with plenty of room to invite other fan-favorites and new characters to join the fun.

When play is done, the playset becomes a carrying case that kids pack up and take the Trolls off to their next adventure.

Trolls Band Together Scruff A Luvs

Rescue a Trolls Scruff-A-Luvs and watch their signature colorful hair go from fuzzy to glam fluffy while revealing one of two special Poppy characters, or new character Viva.

Dry and style the Trolls’ super soft hair in endless “dos” with the included comb and glittery hairclips.

Mix and match their clothes, hairclips and accessories, like a guitar or microphone, and pose the soft-bodied, furry Trolls for a rockin’ rollin’ good time.

Trolls Band Together Real Littles Backpacks

Trolls have been given the Real Littles treatment and gone micro. Fan favorite Trolls have been reimagined into four brand new mini backpacks, complete with real Trolls hair and hairstyles and textures to match the character. Grab a Poppy, Branch, Viva or Satin & Chenille, each containing mini-micro stationery supplies that really work.

There’s no need to split hairs, as each backpack includes the same six Trolls-themed supplies — notebook, pen, pencil case, stickers, sticky notes and postcard set.

Trolls Band Together Stretchy Hair Figures

Trolls Stretchy Hair Figures are inspired by the stretching and squishing of Moose’s Heroes of Goo Jit Zu brand. The signature “goo” has gone “do” — as in hair do — and there won’t be a well-coifed hair out of place. While the Trolls have a plastic molded body, each has its own exclusive goo-filled, malleable mane. There’s Poppy’s pink “do” with rheoscopic fluid, Branch’s stretchy style with water beads and Viva’s hair glitters with glucose. Play and pull their hair up to three times the original size and watch as it bounces back to the original shape — again, again and again.

Trolls’ fans won’t have to wait too long for the collection of collectibles and more to be available. The line of Trolls Mineez and other toys will be available nationwide at all major retailers beginning October 2023. For more information on the new Trolls collection and more from the SuperHappy world of Moose Toys, visit moosetoys.com.

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