21 Aug - 2023

Studio 100 Media has struck deals with streaming platforms Peacock (USA), Kabillion (USA) and ITVX (UK) for the CGI series FriendZSpace.

Targeted at 5- to 9-year-olds, FriendZSpace (52 x 11’) which is co-produced by Flying Bark Productions and T&B Media Global is set to launch in August 2023 on ITVX and on Peacock and Kabillion later this year.

Created by Dan Clark (Team Smithereen, Yo Gabba Gabba) and Oscar Covar (Team Smithereen, Tasty Tales of The Food Truckers), the fast-tracked, action-packed, and super funny character-driven animated comedy series centres around three best friends, Alice, Leo, and Kim who may seem like regular human kids, but behind their normal facade they are risk-taking deep space friend makers!

Each episode follows the three as they jet into space in their unpredictable star cruiser, “The Dart”. Accompanied by BotDog (half puppy and half high-tech Swiss army knife) their mission is simple and wonderfully weird: locate planets, find alien kids, introduce themselves, and make friends. But making friends with alien kids is tricky! Some kids live in the bushy eyebrows of a dangerously moody slobbering beast, while the kids from another planet are so colossal, the Earth kids need to climb them like skyscrapers just to say, “Hi!”.

Every alien kid we meet is ‘friendable’. But befriending alien kids is never easy. Different customs, funny alien biological quirks, and pressing narrative events create comic complications that must be overcome! FriendZSpace is all about kids and kid culture – alien and human – it´s about embracing our differences and getting into exciting trouble in the process!

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