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14 Jun - 2023

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DeAPlaneta Entertainment is an established global company focused on the production of family content and brand building. 

As explained by CEO, Ignacio Segura de Lassaletta, production and brand building are some of the company’s main objectives: “One of our goals is to continue developing and growing our role as brand creators, with exciting projects such as season two of ‘Milo’, the ‘Monster Shaker?’ and ‘Magic Lilly’ series, and the ‘Superpigs’ series and feature films, among many others”. 

According to Segura de Lassaletta, DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s strategy for the properties in its portfolio is based on three key points. The first one is to strengthen linear and multi-screen distribution and the direct dialogue with users through AVOD/FAST channels: “Current audience fragmentation makes it much more difficult to make a strong impact and for an IP to become a benchmark brand. This requires a change in business strategy.” For DeAPlaneta Entertainment, it’s important that the properties in its portfolio are on all possible media channels and platforms: not just on linear television or SVOD platforms, but also on YouTube, AVOD/FAST channels and across the whole gaming sector, through smartphone apps or Roblox. According to Segura de Lassaletta: “If you don’t have a presence on all those screens, you are significantly reducing the chances of users seeing your brand and therefore the chances of it becoming relevant”.

The second key point is to strengthen the internationalization of the company. DeAPlaneta Entertainment is a multinational entertainment company that operates globally and is a strong leader in Europe. It has commercial offices in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Greece, and Turkey, as well as in the United States. According to Segura de Lassaletta, “the company has grown significantly over the past five years as a player in key territories such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Latin America.” DeAPlaneta Entertainment represents IPs with a global reach such as ‘Miraculous Ladybug,’ one of the flagship properties in the company’s portfolio. But they also co-produce animation series that can be enjoyed worldwide, such as ‘Milo’, a successful preschool animated series coproduced by Fourth Wall and DeAPlaneta Entertainment, which is already available in four continents and has generated dozens of licensing agreements, including a Master Toy deal with Bandai. Following its première in China last January via Mango TV, ‘Milo’ has expanded to more than 30 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean thanks to its premiere on Cartoonito, a linear and subscription-based multi-territory children’s channel operated by Warner Bros. Discovery Latin America. 

The third and final key point is the development of digital strategies for the brands it represents. Segura de Lassaletta states that “we are facing a new paradigm. In a multi-screen world, our goal is to also become a benchmark in the digital environment, creating strategies that take advantage of opportunities in the Metaverse as well as through the world of NFTs. DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s strategy for this new scenario is to conceive “niche” IPs that are rooted in the digital world and which flourish in that environment and, if possible and profitable, reconvert or adapt them to the physical world.

For this reason, years ago DeAPlaneta Entertainment created a digital business division, DeAPlaneta Interactive, whose main goal is to create and expand digital universes linked to the properties and brands in the company’s portfolio. This division is carrying out the most innovative business initiatives: gaming, augmented reality products, virtual reality, NFTs, etc.

In this area”, Segura de Lassaletta comments, “we have also developed digital native IPs such as ‘Wonderpals,’ a brand created by artist Mina Pal in 2021 that has become one of the major IPs on the web3 environment, and ‘MetaGuardians,’ the first collection of Metaverse superheroes.” ‘MetaGuardians’ is an ever-expanding universe of superheroes, villains, sidekicks, and henchmen that first came to life in 2021 as an NFT collection created by two brothers, Antubel and Bernal Moreda.

Antubel Moreda is the designer of popular games such as Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled and Zombie Gunship Survival. The first ‘MetaGuardians’ launch following their incorporation into the DeAPlaneta Entertainment family will be the publication of a first issue of an exclusive six-edition NFT comic book collection in June 2023. This brand’s upcoming projects also include the development of a new game and an increased presence in all corners of the Metaverse, with a collection of interoperable assets that work on all platforms. With this acquisition, DeAPlaneta Entertainment plans to consolidate the brand’s major position in English-speaking markets, and to continue to expand the MetaGuardians universe and characters into a global entertainment brand.

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