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8 Jun - 2023

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Based in Belgium, Puppy is a toy and game distributor serving the Benelux region. They are also the IMPS’ sister company, distributing and producing various Smurf-related merchandise. In 2021 they established the Blue Resin brand, which was focused on creating resin Smurf figurines.

In 2021 they established the Blue Resin brand, which was focused on creating resin Smurf figurines.

The Story of Puppy

The Puppy company’s story began with Peyo and the Smurfs. The author Peyo’s daughter Véronique Culliford took over the little blue guys’ commercial exploitation after they quickly gained popularity, allowing Peyo to focus solely on the creative process.  

In 1985, Véronique founded Puppy (in reference to Baby Smurf’s dog), to distribute Smurf figurines, plush toys and other merchandise in the Benelux. Puppy’s flagship brand for the Smurfs as well as its entire line-up became Schleich, which has been producing the renowned Smurfs figures since 1965. Puppy has broadened its business over time, distributing several toy brands in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Since 2009, in addition to its distribution activities, Puppy is producing Smurf license products, and currently realizes resin and vinyl figurines, plush, and merchandise. 

The Blue Resin brand

In 2021, Puppy create the brand Blue Resin for their new line of products, the figurines, with a special connection to the enchanting world of The Smurfs. Puppy, as a company always been tied to the Smurf license, took inspiration to honor the legacy that has captivated hearts for generations, creating a new stylish product available for the international market. 

Blue Resin is dedicated solely to the creation of Smurf  hand–painted resin figurines, because in fact it is born to conserve and celebrate these cherished characters that have brought joy to people all over the world. Each figurine is realised with great care and attention to detail, reflecting the charm and character that have made the Smurfs iconic. 

The unwavering commitment of Puppy is to continue this treasured legacy, bringing happiness and nostalgia to Smurf enthusiasts everywhere. They approach their work with a deep sense of responsibility, aware of their fans’ trust. 

With their resin figures, they provide quality at an affordable price for every little or big collector. Their aim is to create enduring memories and leave an indelible mark on the history of the Smurfs. 

The First launch of the brand provided 10 Classic Characters of about 11 cm.  The Blue Resin brand can already boast important figures: more than 7800 pieces sold in 100 stores over 10 countries,  with a beautiful collection already counting 15 figurines (5 new figurines every year).  

A company in constant evolution

Since the beginnings, Puppy has never stopped evolving. 

From the very start, it has among its key features a creative and logistical team in-house, and a familiarity with licenses. It provides an excellent quality/price ratio on the market, carrying out unique projects. 

Puppy is now looking to grow its global partner network by searching for distributors,  especially in the US

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