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1 Jun - 2023

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With over 2.3 million books sold and an expansion into new sectors, Nelly Jelly’s success continues to grow.

Their blockbuster film, Nelly Jelly: My Movie, surpassed expectations, and the brand is now seeking partners for a TV series based on its picture books. The Annecy Festival serves as the perfect platform to connect and explore, bringing Nelly Jelly’s enchanting stories to screens worldwide.

Local market expansion

Nelly Jelly, a beloved children’s brand, has significantly impacted Lithuania. With 100 different titles under the Nelly Jelly name published and an  extensive range of offerings of captivating theater productions, a diverse selection of consumer products spanning nine categories, and their engaging presence on YouTube, this IP has achieved remarkable success.

Blockbuster film taking over the box office

Excitement filled the air as Nelly Jelly recently launched its first blockbuster animation film, Nelly Jelly: My Movie, in Lithuania. This animated masterpiece captivated audiences and topped the charts during its debut week, surpassing even some of the year’s most anticipated films like The Super Marios Bros. Movie. The successful release further solidified the brand’s popularity and set the stage for its expansion into global markets.

Seeking partners for TV series production

With a proven track record and a dedicated fan base, Nelly Jelly is now ready to conquer the world of television. The creators are actively searching for partners in the global market to collaborate on a TV series production based on the universe from Nelly Jelly story books. This presents an exciting opportunity for animation studios and broadcasters to join forces and bring Nelly Jelly’s enchanting stories to screens worldwide.

Let’s meet at Annecy

For those interested in exploring potential collaborations with Nelly Jelly, an ideal opportunity awaits at this year’s Annecy festival. This prestigious animation festival provides the perfect setting to meet the team behind Nelly Jelly, discuss partnership possibilities, and pave the way for bringing this beloved character’s tales to life on the small screen. Don’t miss the chance to connect and be part of Nelly Jelly’s global journey.

Contact Information

Brand development manager, Greta Stankute

Phone: +37068775532

Email: greta@nellyjellyworld.com


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