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12 May - 2023

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The brand “B.Duck” and B.Duck Family Character has joined forces with Stephanie Kupperman at Licensing 360 to bring “B.Duck” to the U.S. licensing market.

For the first time, “B.Duck,” “Buffy”, “B.Duck Baby” and more are available for U.S. consumer product partnerships and collaborations.

“B.Duck” is not new to licensing. The brand was concepted by Eddie Hui in 2005 and inspired by the real story of 30,000 rubber duckies that fell into the Pacific Ocean in 1992, and bobbed halfway around the world landing in places such as The Arctic, shores of Japan, Australia, Indonesia and South America. Eddie, inspired by the rubber duckies’ resilience, positivity and love of travel created the character “B.Duck” with the same ideals. Now, nearly two decades later, the brand has amassed over 400 licensees in categories ranging from, high-end fashion collaborations, to home décor, collectible figures, live-events and NFTs. Furthermore, the brand has a rapidly growing fanbase of 20 million worldwide.

Mr. Eddie Hui, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of B.Duck Semk Holdings International Limited, the company that oversees “B.Duck” operations explains, “We are thrilled to enter the U.S. market with Stephanie! Her expertise in the consumer product market and deep trend awareness makes her the best fit for our brand. Additionally, we have over 1,200 style guides and believe our high-end art plus message of the brand – be positive, be playful – will resonate with our core demographic of Gen Z in the U.S.

Stephanie Kupperman, CEO of Licensing Three Sixty LLC and exclusive U.S. agent for “B.Duck” adds, “This is a brand about positivity, light-heartedness, and fun. We know the past few years have been difficult for many, so we aim to be a source of optimism and create playful, quality products that young U.S. consumers will love to own”.

All consumer product categories are available, but “B.Duck” and Licensing Three Sixty  are specifically interested in, apparel, accessories, fashion collaborations, home goods, stationary, housewares / tableware, novelty / tech accessories, toys and games, and food and beverage.

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