8 May - 2023

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BLANCA PICTURES has announced that its two episodes His Name was Cleo, He was a Showgirl and Savagelings of GINJI series won the 56th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.

This festival gave first awards to giants of the film industry, including Spielberg, Lucas, the Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott, David Lynch and hundreds more!

GINJI is an English original scripted 2D animation series about the adventures of a teenage horse Ginji, who comes to the big city and almost immediately finds herself at the centre of a mystery.

Artist, Formerly Known as Varona, along with the other show episodes, was highly appraised by the top industry professionals, being awarded as a winner, finalist, and honourable mentioned at numerous festivals:

  • Winner/Best Animated Film: Global Short Film Awards 2023 Cannes; 2023WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, Canadian Screen Award Qualifying; 2022Mumbai International Short Film Festival and 2022 Shanghai Short Film Festival.
  • Finalist: 2023 USA Film Festival, Canadian Screen Award Qualifying; 2023 Houston Comedy Film Festival; 2023Bare Bones International Film&Music Festival.
  • Honourable mention: 2022 Los Angeles Animation Festival; 2023 ARFF Barcelona.

GINJI episodes have been officially selected by multiple Film Festivals world-wide, proving that GINJI is a global project.

Blanca Pictures is an independent animation studio based in Limassol, Cyprus focused on producing original animated content for children and young adults.

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