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8 May - 2023

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Nelly Jelly is collaborating with Caravanserai Partners to strategically grow and expand its licensing program across key territories like Spain, Portugal, and Andorra.

Having announced the extended appointment of Caravanserai Partners, the companies are planning to publish Nelly Jelly books in new markets. The partners are also aiming to capitalize on the immense engagement and love for the brand by creating profitable licensing programs on major consumer products and brand promotion in the Iberian Peninsula territories.

Guillem Rey, Managing Director at Caravanserai Partners said: “We are very happy to be partnering with this brand that has been a publishing success in the native market, and helping Nelly Jelly to expand its licensing program and creating consumer products outside her home country”.

Nelly Jelly has rapidly grown from a book character to a household name. The character, Nelly Jelly (Kakė Makė in the original language), is a five-year-old girl, who rules a big universe, tames monsters, pirates, and gnomes, travels in her vast magical world, and finds all the needed solutions to her problems without leaving her home. The IP has sold 2.3M books and published over 100 different titles under the Kake Make name in the home market. 1.9M of consumer products throughout nine categories, including plush toys, consumer electronics, food and beverages, supplements, hygiene and beauty products, apparel, entertainment, and others, were sold in the home country in 2022 alone. From plush toys and portable dancing speakers to shampoo and toothpaste—the brand is collaborating with 19 partners to produce a selection of goods for children.

Since the release of the first book about Nelly Jelly 13 years ago by the Lithuanian author and illustrator Lina Zutauté, the beloved children’s character has burgeoned into a competitive and modern IP, looking towards global expansion through consumer products, publishing, and animation.

Greta Stankutė, brand development manager at Nelly Jelly, revealed that the partnership will open a new chapter for the brand.

Nelly Jelly has rapidly conquered the hearts of Lithuanian children, and we are looking forward to introducing this little girl with a magical world at her fingertips to children in other countries”, Stankutė added: “This partnership will allow us to provide content for both children and families, which is educational, inspiring, and optimistic. Nelly Jelly’s stories are relatable to any child, whether they live in Lithuania, or Spain. The perpetual questions of why the parents work so much, why we need to clean up after ourselves, how to look fear in the eye and follow your dreams—these and other lessons are presented to children through magical adventures”.

Caravanserai Partners is led by well-respected industry veterans that are bringing decades of experience in the entertainment, toy, licensing, lifestyle, or kids industries. For licensing opportunities, please contact Caravanserai at guillem@caravanserai.eu.

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