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3 May - 2023

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The winners of the Tricks for Kids competition for animated short films for children at the 30th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film have been announced on Saturday, 29 April.

The prize of € 4,000 (donated by Studio 100 Media) was awarded at the TREFFPUNKT ROTEBÜHLPLATZ of vhs stuttgart, thanks to a children’s jury. In addition, the audience favourite of the Tricks for Kids competition was honoured with the Tricks for Kids Audience Award. For the first time, children and families could vote for their favourite film of the Tricks for Kids competition directly in the cinema. The Audience Award of € 1,500, which was initially launched online in 2022, was initiated together with long-standing Tricks for Kids partner L-Bank.

The Tricks for Kids winners of the ITFS 2023

Elegy of Elephant © Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

Elegy of Elephant © Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

Award for the best children’s animated film with a cash prize of 4,000 €, sponsored by Studio 100 Media.

Elegy of Elephant
Director: Sergio Lu
China 2022, 8.30 min.
Production: Shengying Ai

The leading elephant Nana was rescued by an old man when she was young. Many years after Nana backed to nature, she sensed the old man‘s death, which led her back with the herd to mourn for him.

The children’s jury declared: “It was very difficult for us to make a decision – there were so many great films! After a long discussion and a lot of voting, we were finally able to decide. It is a story about a special friendship. A relationship between human and animal that lasts beyond the end of life. We all felt for this film and were touched by how the story ended. We think it is great that the film was inspired by real experiences. It also contains an important message: if you help the weak in need, they will not forget it. We really liked the animation of the elephants and their environment too. Also, we find it remarkable that the film is almost completely without dialogue and that the message can be understood all over the world.”

Special Mention

Trudes Tier – Glückshof (Trudes Flatmate – Glückshof)
Director: Klaus Morschheuser
Germany 2021, 6.40 min.
Production: Studio Soi Filmproduktion GMBH & Co. KG

Trude and the flatmate are going on a picnic trip. The flatmate already pilfers some sausages from the picnic basket. When the two of them get stuck in a traffic jam and halt next to a cattle truck, the flatmate is struck by pity for the poor pigs. And when Trude explains to him, what sausages are made of, the flatmate makes up his mind: He has to do something about this!

Tricks for Kids Audience Award

Immobile Stars © Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

Immobile Stars © Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

Award for the audience’s favourite of the ITFS Children’s Film Festival with a cash prize of 1,500 €, sponsored by L-Bank.

Les Astres Immobiles (Immobile Stars)
Directors: Noémi Gruner, Séléna PicqueFrance 2022, 25:34 min.
Production: Tripode Productions

Chenghua is preparing a school project on space travel with her best friend. She cannot find enough time to do this as she is constantly asked to translate for her parents who do not speak French and are dependent on their child. Chenghua can take no more and tries to break free from her family. Her desire for space and natural enthusiasm will help her take those steps.

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