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28 Apr - 2023

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Last week, the second edition of Cartoon Next took place in Marseille (18-20 April). In addition to conferences by numerous experts on animation topics, new 8 transmedia projects were presented, from 7 European countries (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland).

Licensing Magazine delved into the peculiarities of the different characters in the projects, which are very important for building future Licensing programs.

Almost all projects are for a kids/family target group, and a couple are designed for young adults. In The ride the protagonists are Totis, very young cosmic Turtles who live in a Hillsome valley, taking care of the farm. Totis enjoy the company of Tobis – three bioelectric robots that can shrink into portable shapes or turn big, strong and fast, getting energy from natural sources such as sunlight, waves, or wind. Totis and Tobis are often surrounded by a company of cheerful animals, and together they are well prepared for all the challenges that nature might throw at them! The project involves a tv series (52×11’), a movie of 75’, a series of books and a game; it is very suitable for licensing development, particularly for collectibles.

The protagonists of Babookums are unique creatures and robots that live among us. Micito, a cat-like babookum, is playful and a little naive, but with a heart of gold. Uto, the smartest and most rational babookum, is always there to lend a helping hand. Boiler and Laser, the robot babookums, have an unbreakable bond of friendship that includes a little competition and a lot of support. Each babookum is special in their own way, and they show that diversity is what makes us unique. The project is born as tv series 18×10’ (partners are being sought for season two), where there is strong musical development and potential for gaming. Character features allow licensing developments, including live shows and the creation of toys; a YouTube channel and an online shop are also planned.

In Eli, Bimzal and the Water of Life the characters have been inspired by Bulgarian folk fairytales.  Eli is about 10-11 years old, and she firmly believes that miracles exist. Her best friend is the huge good-natured monster Bimzal, full of greater imagination and resourcefulness. The Troll guards the passage to the water of life spring, where rarely has anyone been able to pass. The thousand-year tree is the millennial guardian of the Tilley forest. It is very wise, but… it also feels old and tired. The project is a Tv special, with a Game app and Board Game developments.

Image that everywhere on earth, little pixies make our world a bit more beautiful! They paint the autumn leaves, brush the moss and find our lost socks. In Jeppe’s Pixie World Jeppe is the protagonist: he is exactly 12,2 cm tall, loves crafting and is a true DIY-master. Hamster Oswald is a self-satisfied bonvivant and a collector. Runkel is a technically excellent garden pixie with a heart for nature, but a weakness in social interaction. She loves her three mice Tuff, Taff and Knuff. The warm-hearted IP was invented by Dully&Dax from Cologne, is based on a book series and is now to be implemented in a 360° campaign. Plans include a TV-series, DIY tutorials and a game.

Wonder Legends is set in a crazy comedy world where Greek mythology blends with steampunk aesthetics tween adventurers, the introverted engineer Icarus and feisty princess Ariadne, try to reconcile their heroic duties with the already difficult preteen life. Their main antagonist is the shadowy organization Omega, which falls into the hands of Eris, an abandoned deity of discord. The turbulent relationship between Icarus and Ariadne is the heart of the story, with a strong theme across the arcs that we all share responsibility for the world and results come through respect and working together.is a video game, animation content. The project includes an all-round development, with animation shorts to be released in Q4 of 2025, while the first season of the TV series is scheduled for release in 2027.

In the movie Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds, Agnès, the neighbor of the sisters Juliette (4 years old) and Carmen (8 years old), writes children’s books that take place in a fantastic world, The Kingdom of the Winds. The two sisters discover a passage between their world and this extraordinary universe. Once there, the two girls take the appearance of cats, and discover the existence of Sirocco, this terrifying character able to control the wind. A book is being published with Actes Sud, and a video game, TV series, Music based on wind, and other licensing developments are also planned.

In Spanish Chapbooks, a 3D Tv series for Young adults/Adults, during the civil war in the 19th century, a group of bandoleros escape from jail after being reported by the landlord they served. María (42) is an intellectual leader of the gang and true protagonist, with many traumas to solve. Ramón (47) is the Gang boss, with a complicated relationship with María and his former mentor Don Jacobo. Don Jacobo (65) is a powerful criminal, cunning and lacking scruples. Captain Aguado (33), decorated officer of the Civil Guard, is sent from Madrid to capture the gang. A 360° strategy includes a video game, a board game, comic books, VR and AR experiences, live and cultural initiatives.

Surkotés is set in a modern and exaggerated universe and deals with themes such as student life and responsabilities, thanks to the adventures of different characters. Ben, 18, a curious student who has never once given up to failure. Vago, a sloth whose weed-fueled serenity and patience offer a stable structure to hold on to. Momo, a born-leader, driven by dreams and anger. Bobby, a skillful cook whose muteness never prevented from being the most capable person in the city. Bruce, a boastful and very hungry. MTM, a radio with a cute side, a mysterious side and a bouncy backside. The project involves a web series for Young Adult, webtoons, a podcast of 52 episodes, and a book series.

Curated by Rossella Arena

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