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5 Apr - 2023

Tags from the story: Easter.

From Europe to Australia, Latin America to Africa, Easter is a holiday celebrated all over the world and for sellers it can be an opportunity to launch new products and attract new customers.

Some companies, like Dolfin, launched Easter eggs as early as February as a late afternoon snack for those who can’t wait to eat chocolate.

Confectionery brands are in fact the sector that carry out most of the promotional Easter campaigns and set up in-store pop-ups. One example is Caffarel, which already released chocolate eggs with exclusive Ravensburger surprises this year.

Co-branding is a great tool to celebrate brands involved in holiday promotions and offer the user a unique product. Easter sweets are beloved not only by children but also by young people and the over-50 crowd, so focusing on innovative elements can attract customers from all age groups. For example, Walcor SpA renewed its partnership with Elettra Lamborghini for a second year, featuring the artist and influencer’s cartoon-illustrated face on Easter eggs. Starting with the packaging, the chocolate eggs immediately showcase Elettra’s image, with entirely new graphics inspired by the unmistakable style of the Italian singer and influencer. The distinctive spotted pattern on a white background that is a feature of Elettra’s style, is on the wrapper and reproduced on a wide range of products, making the design even more iconic.

Walcor also contracted DinsiemE (Erick and Dominick), a couple from Palermo that became famous by publishing funny videos every day on their YouTube channel. In a short time, they have become one of the web’s best-loved couples, thanks to their jokes, challenges and songs that have captivated an ever-growing audience of boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 10. The result of this collaboration is an Easter egg made from the finest milk chocolate, available in a double version (240g and 320g) with surprises inside made directly in partnership with DinsiemE.


If co-branding makes it possible to capture the attention of a targeted audience, licensing initiatives make it possible to conquer market segments of all ages. For Easter this year, Kinder created products with brands such as The Walt Disney Company and Mattel for the launch of different types of sweets, such as the Avatar eggs (with 3D figures of Neytiri holding a bow, Jake Sully and Ikran, the faithful predator ridden by the Na’vi); Stranger Things (with 80s-style mobile phone holders shaped to resemble a jukebox, a videotape or a set inspired by Dungeons & Dragon); Marvel (with Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor vehicles); Star Wars (like last year’s dark chocolate only version with three surprises inspired by The Mandalorian series: Yoda, Boba Fett and the Mandalorian); and Barbie (with four figurines with different accessories such as skateboard, skates, guitar, DJ).

So, in addition to food, it is also possible to enhance one’s products by focusing on other elements, as in the case of Kinder that is offering a selection of surprises that provide an added value to its catalogue. These eggs can appeal to people who love animation, who are nostalgic for the 1980s or who just have a passion for iconic characters.


In addition to selling products, Easter is also an opportunity for promotional campaigns on social media and in physical shops and can apply to all businesses: from large retail chains to smaller shops. One example is setting up pop-up stores within a supermarket with a space dedicated to sweets or doves, creating a children’s entertainment area or having people dressed up as super-heroes. At Easter time, many people like to eat artisanal or zero-kilometre products. Another strategy to attract the public can be to offer discounts on certain items or by promoting events in one’s local community.

Social channels can also help to promote activity-related initiatives, for example by organising a creative competition on the best Easter photos, egg designs, basket building or with fundraising charity posts.

From children to adults, Easter remains a holiday with a thousand surprises.

Curated by Matteo Melani

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