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23 Mar - 2023

Tags from the story: Cicaboom, Marvel Mission Arena.

The Marvel Mission Arena Trading Card Game created by Cicaboom is the flagship of a whole series of interesting licensed products.

Marvel Mission Arena Trading Card Game cicaboomMarvel Mission Arena is the new collectible card game that combines the appeal of the world’s best-loved superhero brand with an addictive multi-level game, designed for both younger and more experienced players. Featuring carefully crafted illustrations of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, Marvel Mission Arena cards are both complete gaming tools and fascinating collectors’ items.

The two thematic starter decks dedicated to the Avengers and Spider-Man and his friends will help younger players learn the basics of the game. More experienced players, on the other hand, can immerse themselves in the complete rulebook using the cards available in the packets, a fun expansion that will enlarge the collection and provide increasingly powerful cards for ever more compelling game strategies.

Soon to be released, the new App will act as both a game instructor, and a source of news related to the world of Marvel Mission Arena.

Marvel Boomez 3D Card Game, superheroes for all ages

cicaboom marvel mission arena copertinaThe Marvel Boomez 3D Card Game further elevates the concept of collecting, thanks to the beautiful super deformed figures of the most iconic characters in the Marvel universe.

In addition to containing the beautiful collectible figures, each Marvel Boomez 3D Card Game pack also contains a 20-sided die and a skill card associated with each character which easily turns the collection into a quick and fun game suitable for all ages and playable at any time.

The success that Marvel Boomez is achieving is undeniable, so much so that the Wave 1 and 2 produced so far have literally sold out, and the eagerly awaited, soon-to-be-released Wave 3, characterised by the venomisation of the various Marvel characters, is generating great interest among fans! The “Maximum Venom” range offers two great novelties: a gold and silver character and an exclusive limited-edition version with only 4000 units. 

Elastikorps fighter and the return of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Cicaboom‘s licensed products are enhanced by the Elastikorps fighters from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, a series of stretchable action figures based on the iconic Mattel characters.

The Elastikorps from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe stretch to three times their original size, but they always regain their original shape. 

The most recent version of the Elastikorps He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fighters are based on the Netflix animated series that kicked off in 2021, and is now in its third season. These provide both an extremely playful product for children, and a cult product for all the adults who grew up with the very first animated series from the 1980s!

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