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3 Mar - 2023

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DeAPlaneta Entertainment will be present at Bologna Licensing Trade Fair 2023 from March 6 to 9. We proudly introduce the slate of the main brands we are taking to the Fair.

Meet us at our stand, located inside Pavillion number 29, Stand 32F.


Series: 5 seasons (108×26′) + 2 new seasons in production
Target: KIDS 6–12+
Production companies: Zagtoon, Method Animation, Toei Animation and SAMG Animation.
Status: Broadcasting. In Italy on Super! and Disney +

What’s about?: Miraculous narrates the adventures of Marinette, a teenager who seems normal but leads a double life: when she is not dreaming of her beloved Adrien, she transforms into the superhero “Ladybug” to save Paris. This TV production is a global phenomenon with more then 29 awards around the world, millions of retail sales and products sold, in every product category, like toys, novelties and collectibles, apparel, accessories and footwear, back to school, publishing, health and beauty, food and confectionary. Miraculous series are broadcasted in USA, EMEA, JAPAN, LATAM, reaching kids and families everywhere.


Series (52×11′). A bright, colourful series for a preschool audiences. Winner of the 2022 Best Children’s Series at the British Animation Awards.
Production companies: DeAPlaneta Entertainment and Fourth Wall
Status: Season 1 completed + Season 2 in production
What’s about?: Meet Milo, an adventurous 5-year-old cat who loves to use role-play to explore the amazing world of jobs and vocations with his best friends, Lofty and Lark. Milo loves meeting all the different people who come into his parents’ dry cleaning shop to get their outfits cleaned. As soon as Milo starts to wonder what it would be like to be a fireman, or detective, or an astronaut when he grows up, off he goes on a role-playing adventure!


Movie release worldwide April 2023
Target: Family & Kids
Category: Action, Adventure, History
Production companies: Pathé, Chapter 2, DeAPlaneta Entertainment
Director: Martin Bourboulon
Screenwriters: Martin Bourboulon, Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière
Cast: Eva Green, Vincent Cassel, François Civil, Romain Duris, Louis Garrel, etc.

What’s about?: The Three Musketeers, a pillar of our storytelling heritage inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s original masterpiece novel, comes back to life to the big screen as a two-part film saga that is thoroughly modern in its execution, yet entirely faithful to the spirit of the original work. The Three Musketeers offers a chance to live, and relive on the big screen, the adventures of French heroes that rival American super-heroes, with elegance and panache.
One of the largest post-pandemic shootings all made in Europe with more than 60 million euros budget. DeAPlaneta Entertainment is a global licensing franchisee and a co-producer and distributor for Spain.


Series: season 1 (52×13′). CGI animation
Target: 4–8 Years old
Production companies: Actions Studios (Kids and Family Mediawan) & Alpha Group
Status: Broadcasting. In Italy on air on K2 ( Dscovery +) and Dea Junior

What’s about?: Petronix Defenders is a fun and heart-warming TV series about a team of superheroes unlike any other. When danger strike animals around the world, a team of heroic 7-years- old transform their high-tech backpacks into robotic pets and rush off on daring missions to rescue them. Petronix Defenders is already broadcasted on free TV and paid platforms in more than 20 countries, with very successful results. Master toy produced by Alpha Group and many partners in different product categories are already on board.


Series: season 1 (52×11′). CGI animation
Target: 4–8 Years old
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action
Production companies: ZAGtoon
Status: Broadcasting. In Italy on air on Super! and Disney+

What’s about?: Liv, Andy and Mike are three teens who form the ultra-secret Ghost Force, a squad of superheroes with ghostly powers! With the help of the mysterious Glowboo and an arsenal of high-tech items invented by their mentor, Miss Jones, our heroes battle and capture the ghosts that haunt New York City… before racing back to school for their next class. Ghostforce is a production that has already attracted the attentions of many big industry companies. The Master toy will be created and globally distributed by Playmates Toys and the publishing products by Blue Ocean.


More than a monster: a Global Icon
On 2024: 70th Godzilla Anniversary: Godzilla vs Kong – New movie release – ready to set a new global box office record
Target: All ages Godzilla fans; Pop Culture Young adults, Family & Kids

What’s about?: Godzilla is the main character of more than 35 movies, 2 of them are in Top 10 highest grossing monsters’ movies for all times, reborn in 2014 for a new era of Global Entertainment. Godzilla, born in 1954, has a Guiness world record for “Longest continuously running film franchise” , decades before a top movies like 007 or Batman. Decades of legacy has made Godzilla an international superstar for fans of all ages and a reason for global obsession with Japanese pop culture and media. Godzilla is based on powerful themes, unstoppable strength, epic action and adventures that transcend age, gender and culture. The Monster pantheon created by Toho, the producers of Godzilla, is some of the most powerful and iconic storytelling in the world of cinema, TV and publishing. All these facts, records and fan love transform Godzilla in a perfect brand for licensing and retail partners all over the world, inspiring them to create a products and global collaborations and entertainment projects.

Curated by the DeAPlaneta Entertainment team. 

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