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2 Mar - 2023

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Parent Tested Parent Approved has announced the results of its survey on children’s and family streaming service preferences and habits.

Engaging select members of its community, the survey resulted in more than 2,000 respondents with children under age 15, revealing valuable insights into how children and families consume media on streaming platforms.

The survey found that more than 60% of children use paid streaming services daily, with 85% of those children preferring streaming services over cable TV (6%). The survey also revealed that 41% of families watch under 10 hours weekly, 37% watch 11-20 hours and 22% use streaming services more than 20 hours per week.

Netflix was the most popular among all streaming platforms, with 81% of households watching its programming. Amazon Prime Video was second at 78% followed by Disney+ at 69%. Hulu (46%) and Paramount+ (38%) rounded out the top five.

A majority of survey respondents felt that Disney+ had the best programming content for children, with 65% expressing this sentiment. Netflix came in second with 18%. When asked about the services children used most often, Disney+ was the top choice with 38%, followed closely by Netflix with 33%, and Amazon Prime Video at 5%. Disney+ had the most loyal customers, with 55% of respondents committed to keeping the service long-term, followed by Netflix at 24%.

Additionally, 30% of those surveyed felt that Netflix offered the best value for their money, followed by Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, both at 19%. Most parents were unwilling to pay more than they already spend on streaming services, with 69% saying they would not increase their monthly subscription fees. However, 70% of respondents supported annual or ad-supported subscriptions if it resulted in savings.

The Parent Tested Parent Approved survey results show the importance of developing quality content that appeals to younger audiences, while keeping affordability in mind“, said Sharon Vinderine, Founder and CEO of Parent Tested Parent Approved.

With most children using streaming services every day, the demand for quality content at a reasonable price is higher than ever before” added Vinderine, who is recognized as a children’s and family brand trends expert.

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