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2 Feb - 2023

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The network confirms its leadership on the kids target with growing ratings and over performance on social networks, and opens 2023 with a series of projects dedicated to sport, environment and fun, and to increasingly involve children, young people and families.

Paramount Global, the world’s leading kids’ entertainment media company, confirms its leadership in Italy on the ‘kids&family’ target with its own brands Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Super!.

A success achieved thanks to its great experience in the sector, but also to its ability to listen to all targets and to connect with them in order to interpret better the desires, values, and entertainment wishes of the changing generations. Paramount’s philosophy has always been to respond to the diverse needs of its audience, contributing to the growth and creation of quality content for multi-platform entertainment, ranging from linear pay and free TV, streaming with the SVOD Paramount+ service and the FAST Pluto TV service, social media, and even experience with live events.

ParamountLooking at the year just ended, the Super! brand maintained its leadership in the kids FTA area, positioning itself as #1 single commercial channel* on the core target of children 4-14 years old, with an audience of almost 26,000 children (4-14 years old) and a share% of 6.05%. The average monthly contacts (reach) in 2022 were almost 1.9 million (1.850 million) again on the core target. The top shows are original Nickelodeon products: Henry Danger, The Thundermen and SpongeBob.

The Nickelodeon Network (Nickelodeon and Nick Jr): was #1 brand among Sky exclusive pay networks in 2022. In the detail of the individual channels, Nickelodeon was the leader (#1 channel) among the Sky exclusive** pay channels on the kids 4-14 pay target while Nick Jr was #2 channel among the Sky exclusive** pay channels on the kids 4-14 pay target and leader (#1 channel) among the Sky exclusive** pay channels on the pre-school 4-7 years pay target. In addition, Nick Jr was also the leader (#1 channel) among Sky exclusive** pay channels on the total individuals 4+ pay target.

ParamountFor Nickelodeon, the top channel shows in 2022 were the animated series ‘Home of the Loud‘ and the two superhero-themed live-action series ‘Hanery Danger‘ and its spin-off ‘Danger Force‘. For Nick Jr, the top shows were the pre-school animation series PAW Patrol at #1, which alone contributed almost 1/3 of the total ratings generated, followed by The Smurfs and Barbapapa which together generated almost 40% of the ratings.

Kids content on social in Italy reached a total of 240 million VVs in 2022. Total Watch Time (FB and YT only) grew to +900 million Total HH (+16% YoY). Almost 73% of streams were generated on YT (Nickelodeon Official). SpongeBob was the #1 property during 2022, garnering 28% of Total VVs, followed by Henry Danger with 17% and The Thundermans with 14%. As for Super!’s socials, they over-performed by achieving a +61% year-on-year.

On 19 January 2023, the SpongeBob SquarePants property debuted with a creative installation at the Museum of Dreamers. It will then be possible to immerse oneself in the special Underwater world of the famous yellow sponge. Holographic balloons, coloured neon lights and the inscription ‘Choose Happiness’, which will be the real star of the installation, will provide the background for selfies and digital videos. The collaboration with the Museum of Dreamers will continue in the future with other initiatives.

ParamountAnother important aspect for Nickelodeon is the edutainment part. In fact, the brand, together with its best-loved properties, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ninja Turtles, PAW Patrol, is a sponsor of Più Vita Sana with ACTIVE PAUSE. The project, being carried out in the current school year 2022-2023, was realised by the University of Verona, Department of Neuroscience, Biomedicine and Movement, and by DNA Sport Consulting with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the Municipality of Verona. Ambassador of the project is the national athlete of the Fiamme Oro sports group, Asia D’Amato, who created six video tutorials to be provided to each class participating in the project. Più Vita Sana con le PAUSE ATTIVE focuses on the multiple benefits of ‘active breaks’ in children’s daily routines to improve their attention span, learning ability and psychophysical well-being.

ParamountCrescere Bene (Growing Well) is another project, supported by the Nickelodeon and SpongeBob SquarePants brands, focusing on the development of lifestyles, behaviours and habits related to food, health, the environment and protection of the sea, with content designed to make families and the new generations aware of their role. This project is also part of the 2022/23 school year and is sponsored by the Liguria Region and the Regional School Office for Liguria, and is part of ALISA’s training project for Ligurian primary schools (classes 3-4-5°) and secondary schools (classes 1). More than 600 Ligurian students will be involved.

Paramount’s mission is to create quality entertainment, conveying content capable of interpreting reality and narrating it in the right language for kids, especially when it comes to social issues. The Super! brand has been used to support topics that are very close to kids, such as bullying and cyberbullying, which are becoming more and more common among the school benches and inside the smartphones of children and teenagers, but also more lifestyle topics such as trends, music and passions. Super Style is the new social column that talks about Armocromia thanks to the advice of creator Ferdinando Schettino. Super! is the home of teenagers, the protected place where they find their creators, singers and influencers, capable of stimulating them to confrontation and integration. The various activities are always supported by top programmes such as: Miraculous, SpongeBob, Danger Force.


* In the ranking that includes Super, this means the individual channels of the FTA kids area, not considering the Rai YoYo channel (no adv, no commercial channel) and not considering the channels of the same publisher together (e.g. Boing+Boing Plus).

** In the ranking including Nick channels we mean the single channels of Sky’s kids pay area, only exclusive channels, not including multi-platform channels that have a rebate between FTA and Sky’s Pay.

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