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2 Feb - 2023

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The collaboration between Cicaboom and Marvel continues with the brand-new trading card game, Marvel Mission Arena. It will have its international premiere at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg.

Cicaboom is an Italian company that started with the creation, production and sale of collectables, specialising over time in toys, publishing and entertainment products for children. In addition to Italy, the company is also present in Spain, France, England, Germany, Poland, Russia and the United States of America.

CICABOOM MARVEL MISSION ARENACicaboom recently released an incredible new product in Italy: the Marvel Mission Arena trading card game. After very early previews in Italy, it will officially be presented internationally at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The card game  combines the appeal of the world’s best-loved superhero brand for people of all ages with a multi- layered depth of gameplay, ideal for satisfying the entertainment needs of children aged six and up, as well as the expectations of the most demanding gamers.

Every aspect was completely developed by Cicaboom, from conception to product development and collectability, to graphics, with an all in-house and ex- novo design. In addition to distribution in Italy, Cicaboom holds the license also for EMEA and America territories.

Playability and collectability

In Marvel Mission Arena, every card is a HERO and both a collector’s item and a gaming tool. The illustrations of the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe turn all cards into must-have objects that also contain all the game functions, thus providing cards of interest to both collectors and gamers.

Product Features

The collection consists of 219 cards, and within it each player can choose between various groups (Spider-Man Team-Up, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Villains, etc.) These groups are divided into good, bad, and neutral characters, to create customized decks based on precise strategies, or simply on their favourite heroes or villains.

A younger, inexperienced player can learn the game using a simplified structure typical of many other successful TCGs. For this purpose there are two 55-card thematic starter decks: Avengers and Spider-Man. An experienced player can create his own customized tactics using all 219 different cards available in the packs.

The official launch of the product will take place on February 18th in Italy in specialized shops and newsstands.

Marketing and Communication

The product’s marketing strategy is based on different target groups: young audience, trading card collectors, and adult and experienced gamers. It is therefore ideal for comic and specialised shops, but at the same time is a mass market product due to its broad appeal. The first presentation of the cards took place in autumn 2022 at Lucca Comics & Games, and then at Milan Games Week.

A promotion of the game through streamers and twitchers has also begun, so that it will be effectively marketed up until its launch in stores, with feedback on its use from experienced card game players. So far, the feedback has been great.

The next steps are to further incentivize the core target, the early adopters, through the relationship with the development of gaming organised for the commercial launch in core shops, an IOS and Android mobile app is being planned. This will be an asset for the main target group for creating additional communities.

In addition to the digital marketing activity, there will be TV promotion that will be developed initially on kids, and then other channels.


The full article is available in the January issue of Licensing Magazine, page 8.

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