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21 Dec - 2022

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While perfumery was the main sales category of cosmetics until a few years ago, today anti-aging is the sector of the future, both in terms of sales and product quality.

PRODOTTI ANTI-ETÁ1According to a study by Custom Market Insights, the anti-aging market is set to grow 5.81% between now and 2027. The factors for this growth can be found in two trends: in the accessibility of aesthetic treatments and the reliance on plastic surgery. In fact, anti-aging products combine the merits of both trends because they are viable aesthetic solutions, plus they can be found in stores and on e-commerce.

Thus, in this years several brands have invested in research and development to improve their offerings and update their product lines. Such as Kiehl’s, which has launched new anti-wrinkle and plumping creams, or 19/9, a beauty brand based in Canada, which in just a few years has become one of the leaders in vegan-friendly products.

Consumer preferences

The desire to look younger embraces both men and women, with consumers between the ages of 35 and 55 leading the overall market, holding more than half of total buyers. On the merchandise front, the segment related to anti-wrinkle and skin tightening ranks first in preference, while moisturizing and tanning products come out as complementary.

But what do buyers demand? First and foremost, products with natural ingredients, creams and lotions with low synthetic composition reduce the chances of allergies, truthfulness of information and treatment efficacy. As for individual country performance: France ranks first in the international market, followed by Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand and India.

The best marketing campaigns

prdotti anti ageLike all products, skin care products need proper promotional campaigns. From advertisements on television and content on social-networks, it is clear that inclusiveness and efficiency are two levers to win consumers’ attention. L’Oréal for its campaigns has hired actresses over 50 such as Jane Fonda or Andie MacDowell to communicate that at any age it is possible to improve one’s appearance. The Canadian brand 19/99 has gone further, producing advertising campaigns with young and older models in the same scene.

Of course, the quality of a product also comes from the benefits to the user, and Collistar and Vichy have hit the nail on the head, so much so that their TV commercials show the results of sunscreen oils or exfoliating gels on the skin of people who have tried them. Thus, between innovation and new experimentation, anti-aging holds opportunities for manufacturers large and small.

Curated by Matteo Melani

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