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20 Dec - 2022

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TeamTO – known as much for the quality of their animation as for their commitment to social and environmental issues – has announce the opening of its new cutting-edge studio in Paris.

Guillaume Hellouin

Guillaume Hellouin

Located in the Bastille neighbourhood, the studio will feature a host of energy saving and green protocols, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and making it one of the most energy-efficient studios in France. The innovative methods developed are the culmination of fifteen years of research and experimentation initiated by founder Guillaume Hellouin and implemented by TeamTO CTO Jean-Baptiste Spieser and his maverick technical team. The eco-friendly animation studio will cut carbon footprint by 63%.

TeamTO’s environmental policies started 17 years ago, with everyday micro-choices such as going paperless, using only reusable cups and utensils, encouraging the use of electric or pedal-powered vehicles, and even experimenting with warming up a swimming pool using heat from their servers.

Larger green initiatives for the new studio include: choosing the location based on the commuting distances and access of its 200+ employees to reduce travel; using only recycled wood in the construction; green areas that require minimal water while providing bird and insect ecosystems; hot-fridge systems in place of microwaves; low-energy, free cooling ventilation; 100% renewable energy; extending the use of workstations (6 years) and servers (10 years); and a data-center enhanced by an AI-based open source management software. Together, these cutting-edge technologies and policies will reduce the studio’s carbon footprint by 63%.

In 2012 TeamTO received UNESCO recognition for Plankton Invasion, an animated satire on global warming for teenagers & young adults. During the production of the series TeamTO developed the first carbon footprint calculator for animation. Currently, TeamtTO’S CTO Jean-Baptiste Spieser and his team are working with AnimFrance and La Cartouch Verte to create an updated animation carbon footprint calculator for the industry. Their science-based approach can provide any producer or studio with a tool to accurately monitor their activities.

Guilaume Hellouin, Co-founder and President of TeamTO, commented, “I’m so proud of the work achieved by our entire team, from technical to production, who over the past four years where able to imagine, develop and create this incredible, artist-centered and forward-thinking animation studio. The result is truly amazing, it is a nest that will nurture the next generation of talent for the next 15 years!“.

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