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20 Dec - 2022

Three new Beherits are available for a limited time only to Berserk fans worldwide to celebrate the January 2023 opening of the Berserk exhibition opening in Sapporo, Japan.

Kensin, under its ART OF WAR brand, has announced a new product drop – the Beherit 2020 Sapporo Edition – three-dimensional versions of the Beherit, a key item from the best-selling Berserk manga comic. The product was launched on 10 December and orders are currently being accepted until 12 February 2023.

Kensin_Left_Beherit 2020 (original version)_ Right_ Beherit 2020 Sapporo EditionThe new edition celebrates the Sapporo, Japan opening of the hugely successful Great Berserk Exhibition, which runs from 14 January to 12 February 2023.

The new products are reproductions of the Beherit, an important item depicted in the Berserk manga, written and illustrated by the late Kentaro Miura, who sadly passed away in May 2021.

The new Beherits have been created with the signature highly skilled sculpting detail that can only be found in ART OF WAR products.

ART OF WAR has been producing Berserk statues and other artisanal for over twenty years. The company was responsible for many of the major exhibits in the last four editions of the Great Berserk Exhibition.

I received many positive comments from Berserk fans who wanted to own a Beherit for themselves and see what it would be like to hold one in their own hands“, said Yutaro Sakakibara, founder and president of Kensin. “We responded to the fans’ wishes by creating these ART OF WAR Beherits, a product line that has proved popular in the past. My hope is the new line of Beherits will embody the feelings of Berserk fans around the world“.


The Beherit 2020 Sapporo Edition consist of three Beherits – Egg of King, Eclipse, and Open Eyes. They are available for individual purchase and as a limited 100 sets of all three Beherits.

This will be the last production of the Beherit in this style. Since future productions are undecided, this is currently the last opportunity for Beserk fans to get an ART OF WAR Beherit.

Product Features: how the Beherit 2020 Sapporo Edition differ from previous versions

  • While the basic shape remains the same as the previous Beherit 2020, the size and coloring of the eyes for the Beherit 2020 Sapporo Edition have been significantly changed to create a different expression. The size of the eyes has been reduced and the eye color has been changed from bright blue to a blood-red coloring
  • Dry brushing and detailed coloring techniques have been added to the Egg of King to emphasize the three-dimension standout features of the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • For Open Eyes, blood vessels have been added to the eyes to create a crazy expression.
  • The features in Eclipse show more hopelessness. The blood-like color of the eyes and the tears of blood overflowing signifies the very essence of despair.
  • Beherit’s body has been given an overall matt texture and stained paint to create a more subdued appearance.

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